Monday, January 23, 2012


Yep. Things, they are a-changing. First, It's been nearly a year and half since I stopped blogging. Why? I guess I needed a break. I just wasn't in a very good place for a while. And then I was lazy and then I just didn't know where to start. But I'm back. Can't promise a blog every week but I do promise to update more than once a year or so. :) SO...Lots of Changes going on 'round here. First, The kids are great. JW is in 5th grade, Claire is in 2nd. We are still so unbelievably happy with their school. JW is nearly as tall as me and Claire isn't far behind. They are growing up SOOOO fast. They change so quickly that I'm afraid to blink or look away...I might miss something.
ummmm....what else??
Greg has taken a Crossfit training class through the P.D. that really encourages the Paleo lifestyle. If you aren't familiar with it, its what is commonly called the "Caveman Diet". You'd think that it would be more like the Atkins-eat all the meat you want and have really bad breath and gas-diet. But it really isn't. Yes-you eat more protein...but it focuses on healthy and organic. You eliminate processed foods and a lot of bready or grainy foods. Which is perfect for me because of my gluten issues. (which, I'm sad to say...I haven't been sticking to very well here lately...but more about THAT later). Greg is hitting it pretty hard core. I am still eating cheese and rice because I am not a big fan of meat or eggs right now. The kids are still going to eat some whole grains and milk products. While I agree with eliminating most processed food, I don't discredit 5000 years of science. The kids need calcium for their bones and grains for energy. We'll just limit the amount and make sure they are receiving quality products...whole grains, hormone free milk and plenty of fruits, veggies, nuts...You know, the crunchy stuff. So the way we eat is definitely changing.
Ok..changes for Me. I haven't been so good about sticking to my GF lifestyle. Its so hard to make spaghetti for your family but have to eat something else...and often I'd falter. OR I'd think "its just a little" but the reality is a little is A LOT. And it doesn't do my autoimmune issues any favors. (thyroid disease, eczema) SO the whole family moving toward a paleo type eating is really going to help me stay on track. And we plan on getting into some light hiking this year as well as keeping up our garden...HELLO CANNING!! Nothing like being able to eat the fruits of your labor. Know what I mean???
This was and still is the, although slightly modified, plan. We are hoping to head off the heart disease and diabetes that run in our family as well as help our children learn to take charge of their eating and health. Greg is in excellent shape. He's been doing some version or another of P90x for a few years now. He still sports that 34 inch waist he had when we got married. ME?? Not so much. I've gained and I'm none too happy about it. and YES, I've had two children and YES, I have a thyroid disorder that throws my metabolism for way off. But I know I am not getting any younger nor am I exercising as much as I should. (or eating the best either!!) This is supposed to be the year we all get into shape. The kids are kids and they'll just do what their parents do. But, thankfully, both kids are pretty active and like to get out and do physical things. Hopefully, by doing this, ALL of our bodies will change for the better. :)
WHY the "slightly modified plan" ask??
Here's the deal. Back before the week before..I found out that Greg and I are expecting a baby. I KNOW?!? I spent a week in shock before I could even tell him. I mean...our baby is 8. We certainly know what causes it and we were pretty sure we were preventing it. I guess blessings come in all shapes and sizes even if you don't realize it at the time. SO...Idk. Anyway....being pregnant in your 30's is WAYYYYY different than being pregnant in your 20's. I can't eat, I can't function, I can't sleep and EVERYTHING hurts.
And since I've had problems in the past and have already had some issues now....(miscarriages, spotting and the like) We have held off telling most people except for our family. Its hard to have to tell people you are no longer expecting when you miscarry early. We've been through that before and have NO desire to go through that again. Plus, I needed time to process being pregnant before I have to discuss it with the world. AND our children still don't know. LET ME REPEAT THAT....JAYDEN AND CLAIRE DO NOT KNOW!!!!! We want to wait a little while longer before we tell them SO MUM'S THE WORD!! If you tell my children before I have a chance to....I will disown you. ;)
Why am I telling you now...before the 12th week?? The problem is...people are starting t0 question why I always look like crap, why my usually pretty well picked up house is A DISASTER and why I am constantly complaining about feeling tired and sick. (and ALSO...I want to pin baby stuff on pinterest!) Now you know. (Bell Biv Devoe) THIS is why I am not myself, why I have to have a modified get into shape plan and why I haven't been following my GF diet very well lately. Breads seem to stay down, when nothing else does.....although I have found that rice works REALLY well. In fact, that was about all I ate for two days straight this weekend.
I am right around 11 weeks. Estimated Due Date: 8-16-2012
If praying is what you do, say a little one for me....I'm scared to death.
Welcome back to school, Kids.
Much Love.