Monday, June 8, 2009

Ego Boost

It's no secret that I am a no make up, pony tail kind of girl. Always have been. I can get ready in ten minutes and as long as I am clean, I can feel pretty good about myself. However, lately I have been noticing that I am starting to age. A few crows feet here, a gray hair there...and I fear that gone are the days of youthful smooth skin and bright eyes without the aid of a cosmetic or two (or six). Not to mention that I usually have a kid or two (or six) with me at all times. And most young know, the cuties in their early twenties?? They look at me and the little hands I am usually holding like I could be their mom...a little respect mixed with a whole lotta ewwww, gross! I routinely get called MA' AM..which irks me. I AM TOOOO YOUNG TO BE A MA' my mind at least.

Add the fact that I have had two babies and have thyroid disease and, yeah, I no longer look like I did when I was 22. It's safe to say that true compliments from men NOT related to me are few and far between. Oh sure, my sweet husband will not hesitate to whisper sweet nothings in my ear, especially if he thinks it will lead to a little BOW CHICKA WOW WOW!(which is pretty much whenever he is awake) And the times that he is not so transparent with his primal urges, his compliments are usually based on me tossing out the proverbial compliment fishing lure. I work from home, folks, with a bunch of little kids, and the most attention I ever get from unrelated, grown up opposite sex is when sales people come to the door. THAT'S definitely because they want me to write a big fat check and not because I got it goin' on like Stacy's Mom.

"Oh yeah. Here is a lonely, homely house wife. Shower her in compliments. She'll be so excited from the attention that she'll buy whatever POS we are selling...muwahahahah"

Sorry boys, I'm not that easy. Just ask my husband.

So yesterday, after a long day at the air show and a pool party after, all I had left of my pre-church hair and make up job was a messy pony tail and a bit of mascara. Granted, my face had some color because I spent the day outside and tan instantly in the sun (thank you, Indian heritage) but it's not like I had spent three hours at a beauty spa. Around 9, I realized that I had forgotten to get a couple of things that we had run out of over the weekend. CRAP!! In our little town, they roll up the sidewalks at dusk and our CVS is not open 24 hours. I could have drove to Marsh and took the chance they would have what I needed, but since it's a smaller version of a real Marsh grocer, they often don't have the greatest selection. Plus, it's expensive.

I sucked it up. Claire and I drove to Wal-Mart *Shudder* last night. We had already changed for the night, Claire in her pj's and I in my yoga pants and a very worn out, almost threadbare USA shirt from Old Navy with 2002 printed across the front. YES! I was wearing a dated shirt I bought in 2002, don't judge. It's comfy. We pulled in, hopped out and started to walk to the door when a well dressed young man standing outside the car next to us said "Excuse me?"

We stopped. I was a little guarded because we were on the EAST SIIIIII-IIIIDE and it's not the greatest of 'hoods to be traipsing through night. BUT, I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt (a fact that infuriates my husband, who basically thinks you can trust no one) So I answered "Yes??".

"I mean no disrespect" He said. "but you are strikingly beautiful. Your eyes are amazing"

Huh, wha?? I was a little shocked. I mean, ask me for directions? Sure! I can do that. Ask me for the time and it's on like Donkey Kong. But pay me a compliment....a genuine, real live compliment with no strings attached?? And I just don't know how to act.

I smiled, stuttered a thank you and got the heck outta dodge.

And the best part? As we were sprinting toward the door walking away, Claire said "What did that guy say to you, momma?"

"He said mommy was pretty." I replied.

"Well DUH!!!!" She said. "EVERYBODY knows that!"

Sometimes being a mom is the best Ego boost a woman can have.

Much love.


Becky and Scott said...

Claire's comment made me tear up!!!

You have something many people lack, true beauty. You don't NEED the make-up and hair-do to make you beautiful. Plus, that happens when you have INNER beauty and it shines through.

Julie said...

I have to agree with Becky. You don't need make up to be beautiful. You do have that natural beauty.

And I still have the exact same Old Navy t shirt. Mine actually has a couple small holes but I still wear it.