Thursday, April 22, 2010


In honor of Earth Day, I thought I'd show you what's going on around these parts. Thankfully, winter seems to have left without even as much as a goodbye. I feel like we woke up one day and it was 70 degrees. This made us eager to get out and dig in the dirt.

We dug out our flower pots. Claire plants her annual (meaning flowers) garden in these. I wonder what flowers she'll choose this year? As soon as the threat of frost is gone, we'll get some pretty blooms to put into these.

Funny side story: If you look behind the green bench and up against the brick, you'll see some spidery looking greenery growing. These are lilies that I planted by accident. A few years ago, the kids gave me a single orange lily for Mother's day. I enjoyed it for the few weeks it bloomed then I let it die and I pulled out the foliage. What appeared to be a dried out pot of dirt sat on the porch all summer, I never watered it. Actually, I think my plan was to plant something that flowered all summer in the pot but I never got around to it. When we were cleaning up that fall, I just dumped the dirt off the side of the porch and forgot about it. The next spring, I had lilies. Now they've spread and there are several blooms. The huz now calls me the accidental gardener.

We also dusted off the trusty garden hose

The garden was tilled up. we didn't use THIS tool...the Garden Weasel..we rented a tiller. But still, the dirt sits waiting for plants!

The creeping flox has bloomed and is creeping...right into the yard!

The hostas are popping up as well! This will be a GIANT hosta. It gets so big that sometimes I get freaked out weeding around it. I'm always afraid that its going to say "feed me" while my arm is under its huge leaves and then eats my arm. (And now we know where Claire gets her!)

We started a couple of tree seedlings. Kind of looks like there is a strong wind on my kitchen window sill but they grew like this...Claire got these in her Easter Basket. It was a garden theme and the basked was actually a straw gardening hat. I believe these are pine trees. When they get a little bigger, we'll plant the seedlings in pots where they'll live for a couple of years. Eventually, the goal is for them to make it to the yard! We'll see....

We also started some other seedlings, they aren't growing yet.
We have cherry tomatoes and green beans in here...We also plan on planting big tomatoes, squash and zucchini, and maybe some corn..not really to eat, but to annoy my neighbor who wouldn't let his wife plant corn because we live in a neighborhood. LOL! Oh..and we have strawberries growing in the barrel on the front porch.

And that is whats going on here on Earth Day. Hope you have a good one!!

Much Love

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