Friday, September 12, 2008

One Life, One Body

Hey Friends,
I am about to embark on a personal journey. It's not spiritual, although it probably should be. I could use some support from my closest friends and the rest of you...if I just get you thinking, that's fine by me. A few of you are going to totally get what I am saying and the rest of you are going to think I have lost my mind. I am ok with that. :) Here goes.....

I just read this book called "Skinny Bitch". I saw it on Ellen and I thought.."HEY, Ellen read it and she lost a few pounds...and the chicks that wrote it really were skinny bitches...what the hell, I'll bite."

I got on, found the! 4 bucks, used! Good enough for me. I ordered it and it came yesterday. It's an easy enough read, I guess. I read it in about 2 hours. BUT HOLY's scary.

Do you realize what is in our food? Granted, this book was written by some serious democratic, tree hugging, animal rights activists. Ya know, the kind of people that seem really nice but are just little too out there. All radicalists freak me out a little, whatever their cause. But good God, I am truly a little frightened by what these chics said. Plus, I think I have finally convinced my husband to at least CONSIDER a third child and I want to be healthy incase he decided to finally GIVE IT UP!

It's all about the bad things in our food, the stuff that the government is supposed to keep out but doesn't because all the food producers actually run the USDA. The book also touches on what horrible things these chemicals do to our bodies and the horrors of the meat packing industry. (which I must admit, I skimmed over that part because , well, I love animals..and I prefer to be in the clueless club when it comes to the slaughtering process) However, some of the things really did make a lot of sense to me. The information is cited and I did look a few things up and found them to be credible. Oh..and let's not forget that the book states that once you give up all these bad foods you will, infact, be skinny. I figure hey...those wacko hollywood types do it all the time and most of them are sticks...what could it hurt? It's supposed to be a lifestyle change, a chance to get healthy and detoxify. Once you do that, the rest will follow. Besides I don't want to put poison into my body or that of my children. (Greg, on the other hand, thinks I am nuts and prefers to go on eating and drinking as if everything is fine..good for my 6'2" 195 lb husband...he has never been fat..ever!!!!)

Here are a few points that seem to make sense to me:

Aspartame is poisonous....This I get. It's a chemical and probably shouldn't be put into out bodies...but I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE Diet Pepsi. From the moment I wake up, Diet Pepsi is whispering sweet nothings into my ear.....I crave it's sweet, crispy coolness....I want my Diet Pepsi. BUT...the aspartame is bad and has some serious side effects like... weight gain, cancer, THYROID DISEASE! My thyroid is broken. It doesn't work. It makes me sick, my head hurt and my ass bigger than I would like. I take pills for it but they can never regulate the hormone levels. 5 years of getting blood sucked from my arm every six weeks and no relief. Oh, the irony! We start gaining weight so we drink diet-only to find out that diet makes us fat. Infact, I never had weight issues (hell..I only gained 17 lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter) or a thyroid problem until I started drinking diet. My doctor blamed it on the was hard on my body. But..maybe the diet Pepsi isn't helping any. So, I guess I have to give that up. It's going to be hard, there will be tears and quite possibly blood...but, shit, I am scared of the stuff....

Humans are built like plant eaters, not meat eaters. I agree..we don't have sharp teeth, claws or even the ability to chase down a cow without the aid of a horse or vehicle. Much less kill it and eat it with our bare hands. So what meat bad for you? According to this book, it is. Apparently, eating rotting animal carcasses is bad for your body. Eehh..I was a farm girl. I love animals but I know that they were put here for a purpose and that purpose wasn't so that psycho hippies could sit around and hug 'em all day. The thing that scares me, though, is all the crap that goes into the meat. The hormones, the antibiotics, ya know, the good stuff. So...meat = bad? I guess so. This will be easy for me. I am not a big meat eater anyway. My gall bladder (which I was supposed to have removed years ago but I am too chicken...althouth the last time I had an attack, I ended up in the hospital) doesn't like meat. BUT I UNDERSTAND why people want to eat it...IT TASTES GOOD!!!! organic, that's all I am saying. more fast food! : (

Milk is not that great for you. This I have always wondered about...because we are a NATION of milk drinkers yet we have so much bone disease. Plus, milk is meant to fatten up babies, right? So why would we want to drink it as adults? I wonder who the first person was that looked at cow boobs and thought."MAN! I'd like to have me some of that!" Plus, I think milk tastes like SOLD! I won't be drinking milk. The milk products, however, are not so easy to give up. I heart cheese. It makes me smile. There is nothing better than some veggie dish basking in the cheese ooey-gooey goodness. GRILLED it. Cottage cheese...daily staple. SO...this will possibly be my biggest challenge of things to give up. Although, Dairy cows are also injected with hormones, fed antibiotics and junk, so I guess, if I think of a slice of cheese as a pile of poop, it may make not eating it a little easier to swallow....or NOT swallow, so to speak.

Sugar makes you fat..DUH! Avoid it and all it's buddies like high fructose corn syrup and splenda..don't even think about using it's artificial pals, either. They suck too. This also won't be too hard. I am more of a chips and salsa eater...bring on the hydrogenated peanut oil. I will pick salty junk food over sweet almost every time. Except for I am not supposed to eat that either.

SO there.....that's about it. There are plenty more things in the book that I didn't put here...if you wanna know, you will have to read the book. You can borrow my copy. There is a 30 day challenge, though. The idea is to give up all these "bad" things for 30 days. This will detoxify your body and make you less likely to want to eat the over processed, chemical compounds that we call boxed food. Supposedly, after 30 days of eating like a Skinny Bitch, you will only want natural, whole grain, organic fresh food. HA! I am already craving a nice piece of medium grilled cow carcass just thinking about this "way of life". I am probably doomed.

Plus...I just did a quick inventory check of my pantry...It seems that the only things in my house that are suitable to eat are the tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden (can't eat the lettuce, carrots, or green peppers from Marsh because they are not organic.) and a small can of unsalted mixed nuts. Now I see why they call it "Skinny Bitch". Eating like this is going to make me super-grouchy and probably not very fun to live with.

It's going to be a very long day!

Much love and I'll keep you updated.

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