Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day one....

I decided that I would track myself online.....This will help me be more accountable for my actions....Plus, you guys need something to read when you are trying to avoid work, right?
SO...yesterday was day one of my 30 day challenge. I blew it. I mean was hard. By 11 a.m. my head was screaming because of the lack of aspartame. I was drinking it wasn't the caffeine (which Skinny Bitch says is also bad for you). This furthers my suspicion that the Aspartame people make that stuff addictive so that us fatties will keep sucking it up and making them very rich people.

Add on top of this headache, a sick grown up (ME...I've been recovering from some throat virus thing that had to "run it coarse"), 3 sick kids, a house full of grade school kids that were off half day, and the stress of a 17 year old that didn't come home when he was supposed to. SO...I broke down and had a Diet Pepsi. I tried to convince myself that I deserved it because I was sick, and my head hurt and nothing clears the mucus out of the back of your throat like a nice, fizzy Diet Pepsi.(tmi? sorry!) PLUS....My own son had kept me up half the night..PUKING! AND then one of the babies I watch cried all morning because she felt like poop and her mom HAD TO GO TO WORK. (I honestly don't understand these mothers and their loyalty to their jobs....BUT that is another blog entirely) By noon, I was ready to pull my hair out, none of the other kids were having any fun because the baby was crying and I ended up sticking them all in front of the TV for a movie...WHICH I hate to do. Then..when the mom was finally able to leave work and come get this baby to take her to the doctor, I hugged her other child and discovered that he had a wonder he was grouchy, he was sick too. So, the point is, My day was so stressful that I felt like I deserved my diet fix. What can I say? I am a weak, sad, sad person.
Oh..and I ate 4 chicken nuggets. They were good.

A small list of victories though... I only drank ONE Diet Pepsi all day instead of my usual 4 or 5. I ate no other meat products than the chicken nuggets and I also ate no milk products of any kind. The down side? The scale says I gained a pound. This Skinny Bitch diet is so far turning me into a fatty bitch. So..for today my goals are to only drink one Diet Pepsi again..(I figure if I go cold turkey, I am bound to fail so I am will just aim for one per day) eliminate all meat products and do some much needed house work. oh..and drink lots of water.

More tomorrow!

Much love!

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