Monday, September 29, 2008

Days 15-17. Whoo Hoo!!!!!!

This morning I got on the scale and I am down.......8.5 lbs since I started this experiment. 8.5 POUNDS. I am thrilled beyond belief. Seriously. That seems like a significant amount considering I haven't done much in the area of exercise...from being sick to lack of time, I have averaged about 1 to 2 workouts a week for the past 3 weeks. So.....This combination of "Skinny bitch and wheatless diet" seems to be working for me.

Oh..and My weekend? Absolutely CRAZY! It started off on Friday....for the rehearsal and dinner. I couldn't go to the rehearsal (darn!) because it started at five and HELLO...I still have kids then. Greg had to go the actual rehearsal without me but he was coming back for me for the dinner...since it was just down the street. last day care kids left just a little after five. At which time, I threw Claire in the shower. She had been outside ALL DAY and she had dirt on her dirt. (Claire is the kind of kid that goes out in the morning and I don't see her all day, except when she pokes her head in the door and asks for nourishment) Since the lovely eldest Blonde girl, Susan, was coming to take the kids with her to the Triton football game, I didn't want the kids to be dirty. Kids were dressed, hair brushed, teeth cleaned....and Susan came. The kids were super excited about going to the game. It was homecoming, so if any of you Triton people went and happened to notice two very dark headed kids with the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen walking around with 3 very blonde teenage-ish girls...those were my kids! Anyway. Bags were packed, kisses were given and the kids were off, CHECK!

Next came my marathon get ready quick adventure....Jumped in the shower, spend approx. 2.5 minutes in the shower, Jumped out and wrapped up in robe. Did quick make up job, and then spritzed hair poofer upper (root boost) on hair and scrunched. Then it was time to try on clothes.....I don't know what made me do it, but I decided to try on a dress that I haven't worn in years...seriously. Years! It's a cute strappless, empire waist, little black number. It is adorable. It's also very stretchy, doesn't unzip, and you can't wear a bra with it. You have to either step into it or pull it over your head. I knew that that top of that dress was not going over THESE hips so I had to pull it over my head....glad I hadn't done my hair yet. Dress goes over head, and after much, MUCH wriggling, I was able to get it down and in place. AND IT WAS TIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHT! Very tight. didn't look that bad. The only thing was...that I we say, a little more endowed in the chest area now than I was the last time I wore this I had a HUGE amount of boobage showing. This made me a little uncomfortable. So...I dig through my closet, try on about seven different sweaters and cartigans and finally decide on a little black wrap around sweater. All put together, I think I look pretty good.

Time to blow dry my hair and then do it. Twenty minutes blow drying my hair with a round brush, my hands fall asleep about 6 times from keeping my hands above my head. Smoothing serum, flat iron, is in place. looks good.

I spent the next twenty minutes looking for my black strappy sandals....finally found them in the bottom of the coat closet, downstairs....not sure how they got there...Fresh coat of perky pink on my toes..and hot mamma!

AND then Greg calls....."Hi honey, I am on my way, be there in about 15 minuts. By the way.....eveyone is in jeans or shorts so don't worry about dressing up"
WTF!!!!! Don't worry about dressing up? Was he serious? OMG! I had just spend the better part of an hour getting ready and telling myself that I didn't look THAT bad in the little dress and he tells me to wear jeans. NOW?

Well, I didn't want to stick out and the rehearsal dinner was AT THE GROOMS parents house, So I run back upstairs to look for SOMETHING ELSE TO WEAR!!!!!!

I pull out a pair of jean that I haven't been able to wear comfortably since February. They are the best looking pair of jeans I own, a white lacey camsole, and a black and white striped button up shirt. Paired with a pair of black heels, I think this looks classy yet casual. Then I had to take off that know, the stretchy dress, without a zipper, that you have to step into or pull over your head. Yeah well...I couldn't get it off. Really. I knew I couldn't pull in down and step out if it. It was only going over my I pull it up and it gets stuck. I am running around the bedroom, trying to get this dress off, I can't see and my boobs are hanging out. I start to panic and run down stairs to have my brother help me...but then I realize...19 year old little brothers don't want to see their 30 year old sister in her underwear, stuck in a dress that's obviously too small, with her boobs hanging out. SO I layed on the floor and rolled around, and pushed my self back and forth until I was able to unstick the dress. It finally comes off....I am sweating and look like hell. Hair is messed up, mascara is smeared.

So..Greg gets home and I am jeans are a little tight and my hair is in a pony tail..but yeah...I go to the rehearsal dinner. AND I am glad I changed, it was catered in mexican style food and eveyone sat outside. I eat rice, beans, salsa and quacamole....So I came out well with the rehearsal. I was able to stear clear of the chips and cookies. and I drank water! yay.
After the rehearsal, we went to Matt and Mandy's house to hang for a while, and we were home by 12 or so. On the way home from there, I finally fill Greg in on my dress issue and after many many minutes of him laughing his ass off at me, he tells me that we are getting up early and going shopping FOR ME and he doesn't care about the money. yay!

7 comes early and we go get the kids from the Blonde girls house, go out to breakfast..( I had the garden omlet) and then head to Kohls. Greg finds a new pair of pants because the pants to his suit don't fit him anymore because THEY ARE TOO BIG! I secretly hate him. I found a cute pair of brown dress pants with a matching green and brown shirt. Plus a green sweater (I LOVE green and sweaters so BONUS for me) and a very cute pair of brown heels to match. Go home, pack kids for grandmas, get Jayden to his friends birthday party, Try to remember how to tie a tie and then give up and google it, take Claire to Grandmas, Greg is picked up by the groom and then I have to get ready. and drive to Greenfield. No time to eat again like I planned........and by 5 I am STARVING!

Fast forward to right before the wedding starts....I sit on the grooms side with a reserve officer and a former reserve officer and his girlfriend. I know them both, but I really have only met them a few times. As I am setting there, I am doing a mental run down of everything Greg had planned to say. Then it hits no time did he have the words "you may be seated" in his know like, when everyone stands up when the bride comes in......So, I squeeze out of the aisle and to the back to find Greg and ask him if he know that he will have to tell everyone to sit down...He said...Uh, no. HA HA HA HAHA. He said that he would have figured it out but I think that, since he barely looked up for the first few minutes of the wedding, that he would have been way to nervous to notice the crowd of about 100 still standing up. So..score one for me.

The rest of the night goes ok. I ran into to my best friends cousin, Chelsea and her family....which was a total shock. We sat with the police chief and his wife.....and I had basically a good time. I wasn't alone all night like I thought I would be. There were plenty of food choices...I ate fresh veggies dipped in salsa and cheese ball, a slice of cheese and some baked beans. And I downed it all with a diet pepsi...I figured I deserved it. I didn't bat an eye at the cake. It didn't even sound good to me.

Yesterday, Greg and I got up at 6:30, went out to breakfast since we didn't have any kids. We went to Crackerbarrel and I had the hashbrown casserole, grits and one egg over medium. Then we went to the grocery, church, picked up the kids. The rest of the day was house cleaning, hanging with lil Em (middle blonde girl) and going up to see the tree painted by Megan's cutie pa-tootie fiance on the wall of Matt and Mandy's nursery. Then on a whim, I got my hair cut and highlighted by the blonde girls' mom. I am not sure how I feel about it yet.

Plus....TWO full nights without the kids..BROWN CHICKEN BROWN COW! (that's the country version of bow chicka bow wow..the universal porno music reference) that's all I am saying!

SO that was my crazy weekend...and 8.5 pounds......That rocks!

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