Friday, December 5, 2008

and the divorce rate is 50% because why?

I am frustrated with my husband. He is so irritating. I mean, I love him and all...but GEEZ!

My frustration all started last night. I had to take Claire to gymnastics despite the fact that I was just starting to get over my cold from hell. Greg had to work, so I totally understood why he couldn't take her and I had to. We went and Claire did a great jog. After class, she asked for some hot chocolate. Well, there is a Starbucks right around the corner from I said sure.

Me, being the nice wife that I am...called up the huz to offer to get him some of his favorite white chocolate mocha.

phone: ring ring
Him: (huff) hello.
Me: Hey, how's it going?
Him: (very short) fine.
Me: Oh, ok. Well Claire did a great job at gymnastics so I thought that I...
Him: (very, very short)what? I didn't understand you.
Me: Are you busy?
Him: No, I just am not used to you calling me all the time.
Me: (thinking..WTF? I rarely call you while you work and it's usually only once or twice during an 8 hr shift) WHAT? I don't call you all the time.
Him: Well I usually work midnights and you never call me and it bugs me to have to answer the phone when I am doing something. (a few muttered cuss words) I'll call you back. (click)

Although, it appears he hung up on me, this is not what upsets me. He often cuts me short while he is working and I am ok with that. I continue on my way to Starbucks, thinking.."What the F, David Blaine? Screw you then, I just won't get you anything, a-hole. Get pissy at me because I "call you all the time". I just wanted to do something nice for you. jerk."

Just as I pull into Starbucks...

phone: ring ring
me: (starting to get really upset) yeah
him: sorry, I was finishing up a traffic stop. Stupid teenager comes flying out of her drive way right infront of me.
me: Why did you even answer the phone then?
him: I don't know
me: hmsdmsffffgsnsggm
him: what
me: nothing
Him:SO Claire did a great job at gymnastics?
Me: I KNEW you heard me. (jerk)
him: I was busy. Did you just call to tell me that? (like that's not important)
Me: NO..going to Starbucks, wanted to know if you wanted anything.
Him: (attitude and tone immediately change) Well, that would be awfully sweet of you. I'll meet you at the house to pick it up.
Me: Ok, call you when I get there. Bye.
Him; bye. (click)

SO...I got him the stupid drink and I called him when I got home but all I really wanted to do was kick him the shins when he walked in the door. He left and went back to work, I went to bed and I didn't see him until 10 this morning. His first words were "Amanda is going tonight so you have to go"

Here is my issue with that statement. It's not that I am mad that he said I have to go. It's not even that he didn't say good morning or I love you or anything other number of greeting that one would usually say to the love of their life when they haven't spoken to them in over 12 hours. is what I am, just good, old fashion PISSED OFF about...

2 weeks ago..count em, I said 2 entire weeks...14 days, 336 hours ago...We got a letter from the fire department inviting Greg to their Christmas/awards banquet. I opened the letter and was all confused because...well, He hasn't worked for the fire department in almost 2 years and he hates the administration there..that's why he left. I show him the letter and he says.."OH, I forgot to tell you, they are giving Scott (another former firefighter turned cop) and I an award for teaching those classes in the burn chamber." Well, this makes sense...the fire department has this really cool burn chamber where they can learn about flash over and all things fire-fightery related. Greg and Scott built the chamber and took the classes to be certified to teach about it while they were both still firemen. You have to have a certified instructor present while using the chamber...The fire department still has not had anyone else trained to teach so they contacted them both to ask if they would be willing to help. They were, of course, because their issue was never with the firemen themselves or with firefighting..they just hated the admin.

Anyway.."Do I have to go?" I ask. Greg sort of shrugs and says "if you want to" I think for a moment and say "I don't really want to go. Is Amanda (Scott's wife) going?" I ask this because I know how these things go..I will sit by myself, while Greg bounces from table to table talking fire. I will be invisible..sitting at a table by myself for hours until it's time to leave. The only thing worse than having to sit by yourself and look like a loser is having some other person take pity on you and try to start up a conversation...because "look at that poor girl..all by herself. How terrible for her, let's go talk to her about stupid mundane things" Ugh. I hate small talk. I hate the whole situation and I know if the situation were reversed, Greg would absolutely not go. Never in a million years.

Greg plays it off like it's no big deal. Go or don't go, he doesn't care either way. I think that I will probably not go. Over the in 5 days ago, I ask him about it again. Again, he makes it seem like it's no big deal. He can't tell me if Amanda is going and says that he is not even going to dress up. I tell him then that I will probably not go. He never says another word to me. I make plans with Megan thinking that he wouldn't be around.

SO today...when he had the nerve to say "Amanda is going tonight, so you have to go", you now know why I am so peeved about it.

WHAT THE HELL? I immediately start freaking out. "How am I supposed to get everything in place to be able to go. It's 10:30 in the freaking morning. I don't have a sitter lined up. I have to work until 5:30. We have to be there by 7 which means we would have to leave by 6:30. I need to get to the bank by 6. I don't have any idea what I would wear and I just sent a bunch of sweaters and shirts to the cleaners in preparation for the holidays. How am I supposed to pull that out of my magic hat, Houdini? I am not a miracle worker."

To which he replies..."fine, don't go"
(DUH..didn't we already talk about this?)
Me: I just don't know how I could possibly get it done
Him: Whatever.

He then precedes to make himself breakfast and ignore me for the next two hours because he is mad...seriously mad that I am not going. How does that work?

and the divorce rate is only 50%. I am surprised it's not more..because today, I could have killed him.

Much love

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