Sunday, January 18, 2009

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Warning...some colorful language. If that offends you, too bad. Stop reading,

It occurred to me this morning that I have not posted a new blog in a few days. I suck. I am failing at life at the moment, behind in housework, stressed about things...not sleeping. So yeah, I got nothing for ya. So I will leave you with quick updates and a survey...because I that's how I roll

A few updates:

1. Jake turned 18. Whoo hoo. He has reeked of cigar smoke for the last three days.
2. Claire got her ears pierced. She didn't even cry. I was so proud.
3. My parents are coming in February....I am so excited. Hoping it will lift my mood.


Do you wash your hands after using the restroom?:

When was the last time you ate something containing chocolate?:
This morning...Claire insisted on sharing a piece of Candy. It had peanut butter in it too...maybe I will contract Salmonella. That should be fun.

Are you influenced by the choices of your friends?:
Not usually.

Are you more likely to listen to your friends' advice, or your parents'?:
Neither. I don't usually talk about my problems or ask for advice

If someone asks for your honest opinion, do you give it?:
Always and sometimes they don't even have to ask

What do you think of being "brutally honest"?:
While I think one should always be honest, there is no need to be brutal or harsh..unless the person to whom you are being honest is a total asshat.

When was the last time you felt uninformed or out of the loop?:
I am always out of the loop..

When in a car, where do you like to sit?:
The driver's seat, bitches.

Have you ever fought with a good friend over something completely stupid?:
Not since high school..

How did the two of you get past it [ if you did ] ?:
we built a fence and got over it.

Would you ever visit a third-world country?:
As much as I would like to, this is not a good period in our history for world travel and seeing as how my kids are still young and need me, I am not all about unnecessary risks.

You're planning a camping trip; what do you take with you?:
The keys to my hotel room nearby...I don't camp

Who do you take with you?:
The Husband...I would leave the kids at home because HELLO...HOTEL ROOM. and ALONE TIME. bow chica bow wow.

Have you ever been lost in an unfamiliar setting?:
Yep, but I have a great sense of direction

Are you the type that's too ashamed to ask for or use directions?:
Nope, but with maps and the Internet in tow, really, who needs to?

You overhear two people gossiping about you; what do you do?:
I would set the record straight

You receive a letter from a secret admirer; what do you do?:
That would never happen...

When was the last time that your parents were disappointed in you?:
I don't know...but really, I'm thirty. Their approval is not needed

When was the last time that you disappointed a friend?:
umm... idk. You'd have to ask my friends

When you watch the news, how does it effect your mood?:
it depends on what's on the news

When was the last time you felt that you had too much on your plate?:

Do you ever have anxiety attacks?:
Not true attacks...I can be fine on the outside but flipping out on the inside.

Have you ever felt manipulated?:
yes. definitely.

Are you on a diet?:
Always....gluten allergy!

What do you think of young children that already have body image issues?:
(and now..a rant by Trista)
it's a sad commentary on our parenting in this country. Hello...young children should be fed healthy food..and YEAH..MOST HEALTHY FOOD DOES NOT COME IN A BOX. Turn off all the electronics and send their little butts outside for some fresh air and exercise. Plus, you don't have to shelter them but limit exposure to the entertainment world. Which means your 9 year old should not be watching America's next top model. In other words...TURN the TV off people. Teach them modesty, confidence and self assurance and your little mini me's won't have body issues. Oh..and outlaw beauty pageants...Who really gives a crap about "all the scholarships they can win and all the confidence they can gain" It's still scholarships and confidence only doled out on the best looking. Do your kids a favor and by them some books and tell them they can get scholarships based on their brains. Beauty fades, knowledge doesn't.

What is your stance on gay rights?:
(Another rant by Trista) is my stance...I think that people are born gay. They don't wake up one day and say...HEY, it'd be sooo much fun to be gay. With that said, I think that we are all given trials in life and I think that choosing to live a gay life style could be quite a trial. So...whatever. I don't really agree with it, I believe it's wrong in God's eyes...but it's not for me to judge. You can love a person but not love the choices they have made. Isn't that what God does for all of us anyway? I am not going to hate, discriminate or even think bad things about a person who is gay and chooses to live that way. They have to take it up with the Lord themselves and if they are comfortable with their relationship with Him, then I am OK with that too.

AND I think think the government should stay out of it. There is so much more they should be concerned about (ahem..war in Iraq) than trying to keep Jessica from marrying Sally and Jim from trying to be responsible and provide insurance for Joe.

If you were homeless, how would you cope?:
I'd make it, I am a survivor.

Have you ever done something just to fit in?:
Oh, I am sure I did when I was younger

When was the last time you tried to impress someone, for whatever reason?:
I am always trying to impress my husband...NOTICE ME!!!!!

You see someone beating an animal; how do you react?:
GO crazy with rage....

If the world ends in 2012, what do you want to get done before that date?:
Nothing. I am going to live my life normally. I am confident of my eternal salvation.

Are there any family traditions that have changed since your childhood?:
Tons...mostly the fact that I no longer have any traditions with my family since they moved to Florida. I only see them once a year, twice if I am lucky.

Would you rather have your friends or your family?:
Save for a few special people who feel like family, most of my friends are related to me.

What is one thing that you find annoying about the opposite sex?:
Inconsiderate bastards.

What is one thing you find annoying about your own sex?:
I can't stand whiny, I can't do this without my man's approval girls. I mean, a husband and wife need to respect each other and be partners in life...but it doesn't have to come at the cost of WHO you are as person. I think a lot of women fall into this habit.

Have you ever taken an online IQ test?

What was the result?: that good? It didn't really say. Just said I was above average.

Have you been to the library in your city any time recently?:
Just dropped some books off a few days ago.

What's your opinion on religion in schools?:
ooohh...Touchy subject. Here's the thing, I am all for God. I heart GOD and I want my kids to know and heart God as well. HOWEVER, it's not the State of Indiana's responsibility to do anything more than prepare my children to either enter the workforce or go to college. SO...While I support after school religious groups, I don't want some Joe Schmoe teacher talking to my child about God, Allah, Budda, Evolution or whatever they believe and confusing them. I know it worked 100 years ago to talk about God in the Schools but this day in age, where everyone is so sensitive and contacts a lawyer if their toes are just barely stepped on, I can see why the schools don't want to risk it. So I say teach my child all things school related and I will take full responsibility for their eternal salvation, thank you.

Do you think that the world could function in a state of anarchy?:

How well do you know your U.S. [ or your country's ] history?:
Fairly well, I would think

Would you ever wish to move to another country?:

Have you ever thought that "the grass is greener on the other side"?:
No. Not really. I make up mind and stick to it. Very rarely do I regret my decisions.

What is something that you do that others might consider "nerdy"?:
I read a lot. A LOT!

Name one unhealthy habit that you have?:
bwahahaha....too many to name

You see your best friend chatting with your ex; how do you react?:
We all went to school together so they would have know each other whether we were exes or not and therefore would probably have something to talk about that doesn't include me....and well, I just really wouldn't care.

Have you ever had anything expensive stolen from you?:

Do you understand / notice when someones using sarcasm?:
NO WAY!! I never get sarcasm, ever. (said in a sarcastic tone)

When was the last time you were fooled?:
Last week, when I was watching TV with Jayden and a Commercial for the Monster truck ralley came on. Jayden said he thought it would be cool. Then Megan texted me and said that she wanted to go. Coincidence? Nope, she was kidding. I didn't get it. I was checking out ticket prices because HEY, if I am going to have to stare at flannel shirts, mullets and missing teeth, it would be nice to have good company. We aren't going, btw.

What First Impression do you hope you make with other people?:
Confident and poised

Have you ever thought about how you make other people feel / think?:
yes...sometimes I regret that I don't hold my tongue more.

What is your stance on getting revenge?:
I am more of a "forgivness" kind of person. (note: I NEVER forget if you wronged me, but you don't have to worry that I may stab your puppy. It's not my style) If I think you have done something that merits revenge, I will more than likely just ignore your existence.

What is the purpose of hatred?:
I am not sure

Do you know anyone who's so cynical, it's just ridiculous?:
I know a few..and I wish they weren't. It's hard to enjoy their company.

When was the last time you posted a blog?:

If you blog, what do you blog about?:
totally random things

Do you pick out your clothing far in advance?:
Yes I do.

If someone has no fashion sense, what do you think of him/her?:
Eehh, I may laugh on the inside but I really don't care

If you judge, how can you expect to not be judged in return?:
You will be judged. It is written.

Any wise/truthful/witty quotes that you live by?:
Not really

Favorite comeback?:
Your mother.

And now I must go back to doing it has mounded up. Which sucks, because I hate laundry. It's boring and it ties me to the house....which I don't like.

Much love.

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