Saturday, January 10, 2009

Confessions of a thirtysomething facebook stalker

I LOVE facebook. LOVE IT! I like that it allows me to have my closest friends/family at my end of my fingertips. I love that it lets me "spy" on what all my "facebook" friends are
up too. I love that I have been able to reconnect with old friends...but mostly I LOVE that through it, I have been able to get to know people that I didn't take the time to get to know in school. It reminds me of high school, since most of my facebook friends went to the same school I did. I have great memories of high school. I loved it. I didn't want to leave it. My graduation day was bittersweet.

When I was in school...High School, I didn't think about the fact that we would all grow up and have a life. I knew that I would but I don't think I gave a thought to the people outside my circle of immediate friends. I also don't think I really fit into those cliques that we all create in effort to establish some kind of social rank. I was a cheerleader, so I sort of fit into the cool/preppy crowd. I was in band so that kind of made me a band geek. I made good grades so I must have been a little nerdy, I was big into FFA therefore I must have been a hick. I wasn't popular, I wasn't especially attractive, I wasn't on any queen court, I didn't run for class office. I was just happy being me. And unless you did something to me directly, I rarely had a bad word to say about anybody. I just liked most people and I think I was kind to most everyone.

And the best result of being involved in such a diverse group of activities is that I feel like I got to know some people from all different walks of life. That was very cool, I thought. Facebook reminds me of that time in my life. You get to have a quick glimpse of what people are up to. People you didn't know well in school, people you did know well but have lost contact with, people who you have forgotten. It's amazing! I have found that I am quite impressed with most of my fellow classmates. They make me proud to have gone to school with them. And although I won't list any names, I think that if you went to school with me, you'll know who I am talking about:

The quiet guy, who never really had much to say. Was super nice. Is now a chiropractor and rubs elbows with some semi-famous people now and then

A brilliant mind turned politician. I always thought he might try to change the world.

A sweet, gentle "bookworm" who was smarter than most of the teachers that now has his hand in one of the most important tests that a student must take.

A sweetheart of a guy who was in band and show choir...and now is a musician and plays some really cool instruments

A beautiful, popular socialite who gave up her career to be a stay at home mommy..the most important job in the world..imho.

The shy girl who barely said anything is now the mom of 3 beautiful girls, one of which has had to endure more surgeries and heart problems than any little girl ever should. And this woman does it all as a single hero!

The guy who thought school was a waste of his time, hated being there...became a firefighter/emt and then later..a Police officer.

And then there are the ones who have gone into health care. The classmates that dedicate their lives to helping others. These are special people as well.

And the few who served our country and lived to come back and tell about it...they are heroes.

Really, everyone is doing something great. They are living their lives, they are making it. And thanks to facebook, I can stalk them all! lol!

much love!

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Becky and Scott said...

what a fun blog! i loved high school and i love facebook! :) and i'm proud of what you've become! you are an awesome mommy, devoted wife, and a great friend! muah! :)