Thursday, March 12, 2009

Liberal Irony

Two weeks ago on this coming Sunday, I attended a dinner at this new church I've been considering joining. This dinner was in honor of us completing an "investigation to membership" class. By Us..I mean me. All the previous Sundays, Greg had to work. HOWEVER...that particular Sunday, Greg said that because the church is more or less in his district, he'd stop in for the last class, meet the Pastor and enjoy some fellowship. He'd only be able to stay for an hour or so and he'd have leave to take calls if needed. COOL! I choosing to become a member of a church is a big decision. It would be much easier if we made the decision together. I wanted him to meet the Pastor. I wanted him to see what I saw in the church. I wanted him to come, meet some of the wonderful people I had met. I wanted him to love the place, just as I was starting to. Besides, he's hella hot in that uniform and I never miss a chance to treat him like eye candy. Yeah..I admit it, my husband is a hottie. Drool, ladies. He's all mine! (lol...right now, family members reading this are gagging)

He was working. He's a police officer. He was in uniform. Uniformed Police officers carry GUNS. Out in the open, where everyone can see them.


Apparently some Liberal church member was afraid of the Police officer and his GUNS. This liberal church member then sent a letter to the local newspaper complaining about the uniformed officer at church. This member didn't want to see the GUNS. This member thought the GUNS should be left in the car. This liberal church member thought the police officer was being disrespectful for bringing his GUN into the church...while he was on duty. In fact, this liberal church member thought ALL guns should be outlawed. They are dangerous, doncha know?


OY. What to say. Words can not decribe how royally pissed off I am over this and it led me to write this open letter:

Dear liberal church member (LCM),

When I read what you wrote, I wanted to shake you and scream...HELLO!!!!! You are messing with my husband, insulting his job...his THANKLESS job..where he is underpaid and works way to hard for this community. I want you, LCM, to know that he was on duty and CAN'T leave his gun in his car. SERIOUSLY!?! DO YOU KNOW HOW STUPID IT IS TO LEAVE A GUN IN A CAR?? That's just asking for someone to break in and steal it. Or worse! What if a child was able to get it? At least when he's in uniform, you can see what he's packin'. When he's a civilian you don't know about the weapons he has on him...and believe me, it would make your head spin if realized how easy it is to hide three or four guns and several knifes on a person's body.

Besides, dear LCM, doesn't it make you feel better that this police officer believes in a higher moral code? Myself? I feel more comfortable when I know that the people that are sworn to protect and serve us...also serve God. Don't you think it's great that he took the time to support his wife's decision regarding the church you are also considering?

Fine, LCM...I am not trying to change your opinion on guns. You think they are killing machines. I think they are weapons used by criminals who choose to kill. Whatever. Would it have killed you to shut your trap this ONE TIME!???!! I am walking on shaky ground with my husband regarding this church business as it is. You see, LCM, he grew up in a very traditional, very SOUTHERN baptist church. He is not comfortable with modern worship practices. I can rarely get him to attend church with me and when I do, he rolls his eyes at the music, huffs at the message and scoffs at the amount of people. This time...with this new church, he was making an effort. He was enjoying the message, not too offended by the music and loved seeing people he knows from the community. So, dear husband's salvation is at stake here and you just gave him one more reason to not go to church. THANKS A HEAP!

I wanted to yell, stamp my foot....get in your face. LCM..I wanted to give you a tongue lashing like NO other. It would not have been pretty. However, last Sunday....not even a week after you sent your comments to the paper...tragedy struck. In Illinois, at the First Baptist Church of Maryville..a pastor was shot DEAD, in the middle of his service and infront of his congregation. AND then when the alleged killer's gun jammed, he took out a knife and began to attack members of the congregation. When I saw that irony, dear LCM, I knew that I should just keep my mouth shut.

Why? Because...What if a police officer IN UNIFORM...carrying his big bad GUN all out in the open for all to see...had decided to stop in for a little of GOD'S WORD that morning at the First Baptist Church of Maryville? What if ALL police officers on duty felt welcome at church and didn't have to worry about the likes of people like you, LCM. What if the congregation actually saw the value of having an officer on duty sitting in the back pew, by the door...where all could see him and his GUN?

You see, LCM, an officer in uniform may not be able to stop such a tragedy..but he sure as hell would be a deterrent. Maybe that criminal would have thought twice about that shooting rampage if he would have opened the doors and saw a police officer sitting in the congregation. It's a little harder to go on a shooting spree if you know for CERTAIN that someone will be shooting back.

LCM, you can now open your mouth, insert your foot. Hope that toe jam sandwich tastes good.

A gun slingin' rootin' tootin' Lawman's wife!

PS..the Pastor..YOUR PASTOR...said he welcomes uniformed officers in his church. Guns and all. SO BOO-YA! we win.

much love.


Michele said...

I thought of you when all that happened on Sunday. I love you and Greg very much. I hope that the people in the church dont keep you from it. Christians are Christianity's worst enemy most of the time.


Becky and Scott said...

well, shoot (pun intended). that p'd me right off. sorry that happened. sounds like that person needs church more than you guys do....maybe they should pay attention a little better too.

Didda said... guys make me giggle!

Amanda Miller said...

Trista I am a huge liberal but I want Police Officers that are on duty to have guns. I work with the police everyday and it doesnt bother me one bit that they have guns.. no matter where they are at. That way they can shoot at the bad guys and I can just go hide.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that! Tell your husband that he is appreciated. I know I could never do the job that he does, and I'm so glad that there are people willing and able to do so. (From a conservative, Republican, community church member.)

Julie said...

What?!? He even said he was on duty and had to leave his car running and all that good stuff. What kind of on duty police officer doesn't have gun? It would have been really bad to leave a gun in a police car that's running. Idiot! I wonder what the pastor thought about it when he read/heard about it. I mean you and your husband have the right to be there just as much as that guy.