Monday, April 6, 2009


1. Why is it that I find Seth McFarlane so friggin' HOT?? You gotta think that he was probably the nerd in the back of the class that made funny voices...and drew strange pictures. Probably the kind of kid that people like my husband would have made fun of. And now...TOTAL HOTTIE. And making millions to boot. Not that I am a giant fan or his show or anything. I certainly do find Family Guy funny at times...offensive but funny. And I am not so uptight that I can't handle a little teasing about my faith or political party. (Mr. McFarlane is obviously a Democrat and probably thinks Christianity is a hoax...imho) I can agree to disagree with his views because he is such eye candy...H to the O to the T! SMOKIN!!! I must be drawn to him in the same way I am often attracted to long haired, tattooed, leather clad men on Harleys. Bad boys that I know would be bad for me...HEY! No harm in looking, is there??

2. What in the h-e-double hockey sticks is Burger King thinking with their new commercial?? I mean...the "Spongebob No Pants" commercial was disturbing enough. Then they go one step further and have a commercial talking about a square butt....set to Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby got Back...It's disturbing to see all the kids gyrating around. And the Creepy King dancing in the mix of it. When it was over, Greg and I just looked at each in disbelief...weren't even sure we saw what we thought we saw. Seeing as how I can not find any evidence of this commercial on the internet today, maybe we did dream it up. Anyone else see it? It's a good thing that we rarely eat out...even better that I can't even remember the last time we ate a Burger King. I wouldn't want to waste my money on a company that resorts to this kind of advertising. It was pretty disturbing

3. Anyone watch the ACMA's last night? What in the world was Carrie Underwood wearing?? Seriously?? She looked like one of those doll cakes. It was awful. Plus she stole a Randy Travis song. Here's a hint Carrie...don't redo a song when A-The person is still alive and cut that song less than 20 years ago. B-The majority of your audience still remembers that song, infact DJ's still play it on the radio. and C- you're wearing a giant dress that makes you look like a red Jabba the Hut. Also, I felt terrible the George Strait got snubbed again. I mean seriously. He's like the Susan Lucci of the Country World. What more does that man have to do to be recognized. He's had over FIFTY number one records....faithfully puts out new albums, ACTUALLY lives the country lifestyle, is a real singing cowboy, Has number one hits in THREE different decades and YET does he ever win? Nope. I think he should stop coming to these stupid award shows. Ah well...Nobody will every do it for me like George does. Love him. He makes a cowboy hat look GOOOOOOOD.

I must have spring fever....two of the three above questions have a sexual connotation to them. Greg...Greg??? Where are you?? I got a fever and the prescription is MORE COW BELL!!

Much love.

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Julie said...

Ok so I may be completely crazy but Seth McFarlane looks like Tony Stewart to me. Am I crazy?