Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Um...that's just me.

First, I must give credit where credit is due. I got the idea for writing a list of my beliefs from an old friend. He did it first. I like it. I decided to give it a whirl. So Ben? A big thank you to you!

I have thoughts and opinions. I often share these in posts on my facebook page or on my blog. Sometimes people don't like what I post. Ask me if I care?

I do.

Surprised by that answer?? Me too. I don't set out to deliberately hurt or offend anyone but I do have some very STRONG beliefs and values. Does this mean that if you disagree with me that I won't like you or think badly of you? Maybe. Depends on who you are.

I thought that since people seem to be having trouble understanding where I am coming from, I'd post a list of things that I am along with things I believe. Maybe this will help all who care to get to know me better.....well..get to know me better!

I am a Christian
I will not apologize for it.
I live my life for God.
I believe that Jesus Christ Died on a cross for my sins.
I believe He was resurrected
Jesus is the way to eternal salvation
I do go to church...most of time
I raise my kids in church
I am teaching my kids about God.
I believe the Bible is the infallible word of God.
That means that I believe every word as truth.
I think many people turn from the Church in college
I think Biology teachers only teach HALF the story
Because they are reguired by law to leave the other half out
The half that supports Creation
If you ever want to know about that, just ask
I don't care what you believe about religion
I don't care what you practice
Agnostic, Atheist, Christian, Baptist, Mormon, Muslim
I will love you anyway.
I may disagree with you or your lifestyle
I will not hold it against you
I struggle EVERYDAY to be without sin
I will fail
And that's ok.
Because God loves me anyway.

I am a Wife.
I will not apologize for it.
I love my husband with all that I am.
I meant my vows.
I still do.
Regardless of what happens.
My husbands opinion of me matters to me.
I try to never do anything to alter that.
I try to consider his feelings in all that I do.
I don't always succeed.
But that's ok.
He loves me anyway.

I am a Mother.
I will not apologize for it.
I love my children with ALL that I am.
I will defend them to my death.
I do believe that it takes a village to raise children,
but my final choices do not concern you.
I do not care if you think I am wrong
I trust God for strength in raising them.
Children are easily influenced.
For that reason, I may not let them be around you.
Especially if your values differ from mine.
I will shelter my children from evil as much as I can.
I will teach them values
I believe in consequences for their actions
I get to decide what is acceptable in my home
I can be very strict
Your opinion of my parenting does not matter to me
I have made mistakes as a parent.
I will continue to make mistakes.
But that's ok
Because they will love me anyway.

I am a Conservative
most of the time.
I will not apologize for it.
I do think God should be left out of public schools
I will take care of teaching my children about God
For this reason, they are going to private school
I do believe homosexuals are born that way
I believe living as a homosexual is wrong in God's eyes
But they get to take it up with God themselves
It's not for me to judge.
I have several gay friends.
I love them as much as my straight friends.
I wish government wouldn't waste it's time on the gay marriage issue.
A piece of paper will not change someone's heart.
If they want to marry, let them.
I think that abortion is wrong..for the most part.
It is acceptable when medically necessary
To save the MOTHER'S life
Not because the child might have problems
Or in the case of rape.
It is not birth control either.
I think welfare is a crutch for 90% of the people that use it
People should have TO WORK for what they want
Regardless of their ethnicity
You don't get a free pass for being a minority
Or poor.
Skin color does not matter.
I did not vote for Obama.
I think the war in Iraq was necessary to get rid of tyrant.
Now I think we should get out.
I have No problem with immigrants
As long as they get here by legal means
OR become citizens when they get here
I don't think the government should arrest all the illegals
Or ship them back...
AS long as they are willing to do their part
And become tax paying citizens just like me.
I support our troops
I do think extreme liberals are lunatics
I think the same about extreme conservatives
I have plenty more to say on this issue
But I am tired of it.
You probably disagree with me on some of this.
But that's ok.
I will love you anyway.

I am a human.
I will not apologize for it.
I will say things that hurt.
I will step on people's toes.
Sometimes it's accidental
Sometimes it's not
I do not like people to question my choices.
I will not hesitate to tell you to butt out.
Your opinions regarding my faith, family or politics
DO NOT matter to me.
Unless I ask you for them.
I will hold my tongue.
MOST of the time.
But I think you should inventory your own life
Before you judge mine.
We all make mistakes
I am not above them either.
And that's ok.
I will learn from them anyway.

You can disagree with me but I am not interested in a debate with you. Before you try to change my mind about any of the above, ask yourself if there is anything that I could say that would change your mind. If the answer is no, why would you even try to change mine? I will respect your decisions and I ask that please you give me the same respect. If you don't, I will call you out on it. If I tire of your rhetoric, I will call you out on it. If you hurt my feelings, I will call you out on it. My blog and my facebook page are places for me to express my opinions. They are not (usually) directed at you personally. They are not to make you feel as though you need to defend your own choices. They are a reflection of me and what I feel at the same time. Believe me, If I have something to discuss with you on a personal level, you WILL know about it. If you can't handle that...delete me as your friend and don't read my blog.

I do not enjoy being talked down to...especially by family members who have their own skeletons to worry about. I just hope the values they claim to be teaching their own children are ABOVE and beyond the examples they have set in the past. I try not to judge but don't judge me either. I am not perfect. I have a wicked tongue and I have a rather high opinion of myself. For that, I do apologize. I fully admit my faults. I will take my shortcomings up with God....

Much love.


Becky and Scott said...

okay, question, not to start a debate by any means, because i am not sure of exact answers myself, so i'm just searching for your thoughts. do you believe homosexuality is a sin? i don't know anyone personally who is gay, i mean i know people, but not anyone that i talk to or am close to. so i have no idea of their feelings. i'm just thinking biblically or spiritually. if homosexuality is a sin, how can someone be born with it? totally not putting down your thoughts, b/c many times i ponder the same thing and tend to believe people are born with gender issues. not trying to change your mind, necessarily, just wondering if you have thought of it from that point of view, and if so, what your conclusions are.

ps i thought this blog was really cool and like the idea of feeling confident in who you are and what you believe! :)

Didda said...

I remember when Gary preached on this vividly. Yes..I think people are born with the tendency to be homosexual. Much like people can be born with the tendencies to kill, lie or steal. Later in life, those tendencies grow stronger. (not that it's the same thing) If you ask anyone who is homosexual, they'll tell you that they knew when they were children. Long before hormones were ever an issue. AND way before the age where we would expect children to be accountable for their spirituality.

I think we are all given trials in this life. We are also given free will. I believe that choosing to live your life as a homosexual is where sin comes into play. Yes, God made them that way. We may never know why God gives them this particular trial to live with but he did. They have the free will to choose to act on it or live as the Bible directs.

But I also think that know matter what, God loves everybody equally. I am not the one to judge.