Thursday, May 7, 2009


Overheard at the coloring table this morning:

Claire: I'm marrying Jack.
Devon: I'm marrying Claire.
Claire: NO!! I said I'm marrying Jack.
Devon: Then who will I marry, I can't marry Addi, she's my sister?
Jack: Devon, did I ever tell you about my friend Kayla?
Devon: How old is she?
Jack: 5
Devon: Oh, I'm not marrying her.
Claire: Well, you have to marry SOMEBODY.
Devon: I know. I'm just saying I am not marrying Kayla. I'm marrying Audrey
Claire: Audrey?? She's just a baby.
Devon: No. My friend Audrey, not your Audrey.
Claire: Look at my Dinosaur
Jack: I need to sharpen my pencil.

AND then they move on.....So grown up, so big and yet so little at the same time.

Honestly, I doubt that Claire will end up choosing either of these boys as they will all go to different schools...Although, I really have a fondness for Jack and if he turns out to be half as neat as an adult as he is as a child, he'd make a great partner in life. He's the son of a preacher man and his family just reflects the values that I would hope for the man my daughter picks. Although, she's a bit young to be thinking about marriage, she seems to be able to make a distinction between the two boys. Both boys are adorable blue eyed, blond haired cuties. They are intelligent and fun. However, one is calm, confident, naturally sweet and cooperative. The other is insecure, needy, loud, and can be mean just for attention. It's no wonder she prefers one over the other.

Of coarse, if Greg has his way...Claire will never get married and will live at home the rest of her life...

Good luck with that, honey!

I often wonder if the difference between these two boys rests in the fact that one spends a lot more quality time with his parents than the other. I see a lot of differences in the kids that I watch but I can always tell which of the kids get the attention and quality time with their parents that they need. The kids that do seem to have more confidence, better behavior and a greater capacity to cooperate. They just seem happier. As opposed to the kids who are clingy, have a need to seek approval constantly, and do bad things just for attention. These are the same kids that turn into hellions the minute their parents arrive. "NOTICE ME NOTICE ME" their behavior seems to say.

I don't know. I am not an expert parent or anything...but there have been a lot of things that have happened these last few weeks that have made me SUPER confident in our decision for me to be home with our kids. SUPER confident in our decision that they would not be over involved, over indulged, and under disciplined. SUPER confident in our decision that our family comes before all other things except God. SUPER confident in our decision that our children will be going to a private school next year.

Don't get me wrong...I don't have crystal ball and I know not what the future holds for my kids. I have no idea how their future selves will turn out, but I am SUPER confident that I did the best I could to give them the tools to be successful in life. There is no re-do where childhood is concerned.

Much love.


blessedmama said...

are they both first borns, or another order? i ask because if you met my middle son, i'm sure you would think he was a child who never spends any time with his parents. you'd probably think we shipped him off to preschooler boarding school. but he gets just as much love and attention as his big and little brothers, who are much more calm and confident (not that they are perfect, mind you).
just wondering, since birth order seems to make a difference, especially with siblings of the same gender.

Becky and Scott said...

here here!