Friday, May 1, 2009

"My twitter book"

I have a Myspace page, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. That's a whole heap of a lot of social networking...ya know? Plus I text on my phone quite a bit. When I am not doing those things, I'm checking my email and blogging here. Gotta stay connected to my peeps...

However, at what point do you say..ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I have recently grown weary of constantly being connected. I try to ignore my pages. Sometimes I'll even go two or three hours days before I check them, especially myspace. BUT...then something happens or comes to mind that I find funny, witty or informative...and it's like a moth to a flame. I levitate toward the computer, toes barely dragging on the carpet, arms outstretched, fingers anxiously waiting to make that tickity ticka tacka sound, eyes non-blinking and fixated on the screen. MUST UPDATE. MUST CHECK FOR COMMENTS. MUST BE INFORMED OF EVERY ONE'S TOP 5...WHATEVER IT IS THEY ARE PICKING. GOTTA KNOW NOW!

Oy. It's all a bit much. I've toyed with idea of deleting a page or two but they are like my CHILDREN. I've created them. I've invested time and energy into them and if I delete them..HOW in the world will I stay in touch with all of these people. (um..idk..say..the telephone??) I do have to admit...I love being able to catch up with old friends (and even enemies). I like to talk with family I rarely see. I'm enjoying being able to brag about my kids a little and showing people what I have been up to. I am happy to share my own special brand of wit and sarcasm. You people LIKE ME. YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!!!

Or am I just kidding myself? I think that we begin to feel like we have a relationship with all these people...all 200+ friends we have. It's such a crock, though. Because if I deleted my accounts...Who would actually notice that I was gone? Probably just the people with whom I do talk to outside of Cyberspace...the people who really care about what's going on with my life, the people who actually want to see pics of my offspring. I do fully admit that I have enjoyed reconnecting with several people. It's interesting to see how they have changed, grown and what they've accomplished since I last saw them. And that fact makes me hesitate to delete any page...While many of my "friends" have as many pages as I do, I also have "friends" that are exclusive to one page or another and I don't want to loose that connection.

However, I get bogged down in all the crap. All the quizzes..(I fully admit that I am very guilty of partaking in said quizzes. I am a victim of peer pressure....everybody is doing it!!) I get tired of all the invites to all the games. I don't want updates from all the groups I belong to. I know you can opt out of a lot of those updates and stuff...BUT then I feel like I might miss something. Talk about a catch 22. I grow tired of the advertisements, the blinking and flashing attention getter's, the spam..It's all just a little too much. And my mind is tired.

For that reason I propose a new website idea. It's called "My Twitter Book". How cool would that be?? You could pick the best aspects of your favorite social sites and custom make your personal site. Wouldn't that be rockin'?

My "My Twitter Book" page would be something like this:

There would be a place for pictures like in Myspace or Facebook. I know you can post pics on twitter but it's not super easy...I want it to be easy. I want a place for comments and Twitter! Where the amount that someone can write is limited. I like uninvited long drawn out comments. I want to be able to customize the background of my page like Myspace and Twitter....the blue and white standard page of Facebook gets annoying. Advertisements are only on the profile page...not your home page. I like the "like" feature that Facebook has. I'll be keeping that. I would not have any of those stupid games, silly quizzes, or weird posts on my page. I would have a link to my blog...and THAT'S where I could post that kind of stuff...IF I wanted to.

I guess I just want it to be simpler and less complicated and less stalker like.

Either that or I need to convince my husband to let me get an account with AT&T so that I can have an Iphone.....No need to be at my computer then.

Hmmmmmm...perhaps that would be the BEST solution after all.

Much Love.


Becky and Scott said...

ROFL!!!!! You are too funny! I feel the SAME way!! I was thinking of creating my own website too! I was thinking more like Facespace or Spacebook! lol

jenn said...

ok, so you could totally make a million dollars. just change the name to something without twitter in it - they'd sue.
i totally agree...being my home biz is online, it's kind of hard to get away from the computer. being sick and pregnant doesn't help either! LOL.
i personally don't "get" twitter yet, but maybe i don't want to. :P