Friday, August 21, 2009

Childcare FAIL

I sent them upstairs because I needed to make lunch. "Go play" I said, but be quiet. "The babies are napping." And they were. They are such good little girls! 20 or so minutes later, I yelled up the stairs...."It's time to clean up, girlies...lunch is ready" They cleaned up and I heard them slowly making their way down the stairs.

This is what they looked like....

This is Carinne and Ava...they had climbed up on the shelf and got the markers. Washable THANK GOODNESS!! As you can see, Carinne is very distraught that I am upset with them. (Ms. Trista doesn't raise her voice very often..contrary to what my own kids think)

Legs and clothing were not exempt, they needed to be colored too.

Purple feet!

Lovely chubby colorful baby hands.....

So yeah, they also marked on every thing in the playroom. Toys, walls, carpet, window, TV. I had to take off their clothes and wash them. Carinne cried. Ava giggled. They ate their lunch in their underwear then I gave them each a rag and a little bucket of water and made them wash everything they marked on. It took TWO hours to clean it all up. Today was probably one of the LONGEST days ever. Thankfully, it's over.

And I threw away the markers.

Much Love.

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