Friday, August 14, 2009

A glimpse into my life

Or Eternal emptiness of a Mom's mind.

This morning, while the baby slept and the big kids were playing in the playroom, I sat down to write a blog entry but my foot fell asleep. No Joke. I had to get up and walk it off. My mouth felt like cotton. Smack, lick, click....yep, felt thirsty so I stood in front of the open refrigerator and balked. Nothing looked good. I reached for the bloody mary mix and realized I didn't have any Vodka. Darn!! Then I realized that it was in fact 11:00 AM on a Friday and that I was the one in charge of watching other peoples mean little angels today and that I probably shouldn't be matter how much my sanity depended on it. With a huge sigh...I put the mix back in and settled for chocolate milk.

"MS. TRISTA...CAN WE GO OUTSIDE" a little voice floats down the stairs.

"SURE!" I say. "Once you clean up"

Walk, walk, walk...OW!! My foot hurts. Wonder why we say asleep? It's not asleep, I merely cut off the circulation to my foot by sitting on it. I suppose saying my foot is asleep is a lot more glorious than saying...I sat my fat ass on my foot and cut off all the blood flow and now it hurts like a MFer. Maybe.

The chocolate milk made me more thirsty and as I was reaching for a glass to get some water, I heard noises coming from upstairs...OH YEAH.. the kids. They were supposed to be cleaning up. But the noises I heard didn't sound like clean up noises. They sounded like playing noises. I went upstairs, checked on the napping baby and began directing the big girls in putting away the toys. It's all cleaned up, they say. Is it? Not really but I don't have the energy to be to demanding...Can we walk through it? yep! Good enough for me.

The kids head down the stairs and out the door. When's lunch?? One asks. Crap!! Not only do I have to watch them, they want to eat too. Seriously, they are needy little trolls. I scan the kitchen in search of nourishment. Fridays are supposed to be bloody mary picnic days so we generally eat picnic type food...outside...on the picnic tables. I grab the bread for some pb&j SAMWICHES....WHY do people say this? This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Attention lazy English speakers of the world: IT'S SANDWICH. S-A-N-D!!!! Not sam. Please try some tongue exercises and try to speak properly. But don't get over zealous people...cause often is OFFEN not OFF-TON. The t is silent. Another pet peeve.

Anyway...I slather on some peanut butter when I hear cries from upstairs. Baby Jax is up. And he needs changed in a bad, bad way. Smells like that shouldn't come out of something so little, giggly and cute. Joy. While I am changing the baby, Ava yells through the open patio door..."WE'RE WAITING ON LUNCH OUT HERE" YEAH? really? I want to be sarcastic to her...and say something like "NO KIDDING Princess and I'm waiting on a million bucks" BUT she's only 3 and all my witty sarcasm would be lost on her 3 year old I tell her to count all the clouds in the sky and when she's done, lunch will be ready. The baby has a fresh butt and I plop him in the booster seat at the table. He protests but soon settles once I toss a banana piece or two his way.

I finish preparing lunch and call the girls in to wash up. Once everyone is settled I pass out lunch and four little mouths are finally silent.

And that leads me to here...again. A few minutes to spare. My foot is asleep...again. and Addi is already asking for more apple juice. Again. And all I really want is FIVE MINUTES. Just a little time to collect and share my thoughts.

I just wanted a moment to update you all on my life. My kids LOVE their new school. We are slowly adjusting to our back to school schedule. Mr. Max no longer comes to my home. I miss him lots but I understand why his parents needed to move him. It's sad that I won't get to see Max-a-roni and cheese every week. He's been coming here over two years. I have a new little boy, Jax, who started this week. He is helping to fill the void that Max is leaving. He's younger than Max but he belongs to some long time friends of mine so I already feel connected to him. My brother is a starter for the football team. Come see the New Palestine Dragons toss some pigskin around. My beautiful cousin Becky had her 2nd baby this Mallory. God is Great.

My five minutes is up! Addi has requested more juice. again. My foot is tingly. again. And duty calls. again.

Sometimes I swear I am trapped in my own version of Groundhog day. And there is no Bill Murray to make me laugh.

Much Love.

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