Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1 week til school starts

School around these parts begins in ONE GLORIOUS WEEK....

Which means I will no longer..

Have to hear "Mommy, Jayden/Claire did.....(insert any numerous things that Jayden/Claire did to his/her sister/brother that didn't really hurt her/him but wasn't exactly nice and made her/him angry)"

Have to send my kids to their rooms in the afternoon because I JUST NEED A BREAK.

Have to count the days that my kids last had a shower...because really? It's summer and I can't remember.

Skip making breakfast because my kids didn't get up until almost lunch and I can get by with tossing some fruit at them and tell 'em to wait until lunch is ready.

Have to endure my son's constant pleas to play video games because he knows he isn't allowed to play them during the school week.

Toss them outside and lock the door. Play outside kids!! What?? Recent statistics say kids in the U.S. are deficient in vitamin just trying to do my part.

Finally get rid of the excess TV noise because the kids only watch TV for about an half an hour before bed during the school year.

Get back into a routine of homework, dinner, bath, story, bed all by 9...which gives me some time to myself...wooooooo!!!


Much love

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