Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get in shape, GIRL!!!

So my husband, who is only 15 lbs heavier and one size bigger since high school...has ordered P90X for us to get in shape before summer. Thanks hunny for being so concerned. He thinks about losing a little bit of weight and it happens. I've seen the man eat half a cake and not gain an ounce. I gain weight just by looking at junk food. And those 15lbs he's gained in the last 15 years?? He needed to gain because I like a little meat (haha) on my men!! I'd hate him if I didn't love him so much. OK..reality check time. I'm not grossly over weight, but I'm heavier than I'd like to be. And Yes, I'd like to get down to that 115 lbs that I was when I got married and before I squeezed two watermelons out of my nether regions..but I'm not 21 anymore. So, I have childbirth, age, genetics and a thyroid condition working against me. Boo. I know that 115 lb pre-marriage and pre-baby body is a bit of a stretch so I'd settle for a decent weight loss and some toning. Oh and also a boob job. Cause mine have suffered from my two suckling parasites. Something tells me the latter won't happen. Boo again.

P90X came yesterday and it plainly says that its not for people who aren't already in shape. WHAT?? Isn't that why we're doing this?? I mean, I am not in the best shape. I've been trying to run or walk each day..but the month long snow pile up put a stop to that recently. Now that its warming up and the snow is gone, I have resumed my morning walks/runs. I also run up and down stairs no fewer than 40 times a day...often with a 25 lb+ child in my arms. SO, I can't be that out of shape right?? RIGHT???

I haven't decided if I am going to start on P90X today or if I am going to break out my 30 day shred videos and do that for the remainder of the month. Start fresh in April. I am sure that I need to build my endurance. Whatever I decide to do, I'm going to try to keep an account of it on here. Its nice to know that someone...ANY one might be reading this and that helps me remain accountable. Oh..and I've fallen out of habit using my Spark People page. I'll be starting back on that again.

Will I be successful...only time will tell. I'm in a different place than I was a few months ago. The things that have happened...the family fight, the loss of a baby...Both have been a reality check for me. Both have reminded me how short life is. And although I will never be completely ok with either terrible thing that has happened, I have put my trust in my God. Its amazing when you really believe in God. When you really trust in Him completely. Because although you may be hurting and although you may feel crushed..God picks up the pieces and helps you carry on. This is where I am. And I feel God is telling me to get myself healthy. Take care of myself and the rest?? It will fall into place. Everything will be as it should be. And if the way it should be means that I will have no more children nor I will reconcile relationships. I'm ok with that.

Wish me luck.

Much love.

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