Tuesday, March 16, 2010

P90xed out

Sunday night, I attempted -and I use that word lightly-to start P90x with my loving but in WAY much better shape with a TON more motivation, concentration, and determination than me husband.

It was hard.

It was hard HARD ya'll.

And we didn't even do a real workout. All we did was the 45 minute stretching video. Yes, I said a 45 MINUTE STRETCHING video...which you are supposed to do on Sundays..cause its your day off. Really. I wouldn't lie.

Not only was it physically hard. I mean, I used to be pretty limber but as my age creeps up, the fact that two giant baby heads spread my pelvis and that I am chunkier than I used to be...lets just say that I am not doing the splits with ease. I mean, it calls for a great deal of flexibility. And although I can still pretty much put my nose on my knees, my ankles no longer lock behind my head. Sorry babe.

It was more mentally challenging. 'Cause I am a jokester and the huz? He's all serious. I kept cracking jokes and he kept telling me to SHHHHHUSH 'cause he was concentrating. LOL!! It would be easier if I didn't have the mind of a 8th grade boy. I swear...every comment the host made sent me THERE. Right into the gutter. And it doesn't help that the host seems to bat for the boys team...if you catch my drift. Not that I have any proof that he's homosexual or that I even care. It was just well, IF he is gay..as his mannerisms would suggest..the comments he makes are even that much funnier. Which makes me crack more jokes, which in turn royally ticks off the huz.

What can I say? I'm a funny girl. I used to have people that couldn't stand by me in Zumba Class because I'd make them laugh too hard and they wouldn't be able to do the work out. Bazinga!! Hey, laughing is an ab workout. Isn't it??

Despite my wise cracks, we made it through the stretching video. I admit, I did like it. I felt like I do after a massage....without all the massage-y goodness, of course. I mean, I was that relaxed and limber. AND I slept like a baby that night. I was starting to think that maybe P90X wouldn't be that hard after all.

I was wrong. REALLY WRONG. I attempted to do the P90x workout on Monday. It was chest and back. All push ups and pull ups. Push ups I can do...I can bust out 10 or 15 no problem. But Pullups?? Yeah, I've never been able to do. This "baby got back". I've always had back. Even in my skinniest days when my Jennifer Lopez badonkadonk kept me from ever doing pull ups. I think I need to drop a pound or 20 before I attempt this workout.

I really didn't see the point of doing a 45 minute workout where I spent half the time hanging from a pull up bar so I did my 30 day shred video instead. Yay me. I'm not even sore though so I think I need to jump up from level I to level II.

I think I have my plan. I am taking daily walks with the kids...both of them have an interest in running. My son often runs a mile with his father. SO, I walk or jog...('cause I don't full out run unless someone is chasing me. Even then, I might just size the person up and see if I can take 'em before I try to run away) and the kids run ahead. I enjoy running but it doesn't like me. I spent most of my free time from the age of 15 to the age of 24 on the back of a horse and that has really done a number on my knees. Plus I come from a family with knee problems so when every step I take causes my knees to pop loudly and painfully while running? Its just not my idea of fun. Anyway...my plan. So, walking every day. On the days that the P90x workout seems doable...I do it. On days when its to difficult for the shape I'm in...I 30 day shred it. I am hoping that in 30 days, I'll be up to doing ALL the P90x workouts.

Tonight is Plyometrics. I don't have a clue what this is...but the word is cool.

SAY IT!! PLY-O-MET-RICS!! see? cool word. I'll let you know how it goes.

Much Love.

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