Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Very Important Day.

I missed blogging about a very important day last week. Actually...I didn't miss it at all, I was avoiding it. Like the plague. Because actually writing about it...putting it into words forces me to acknowledge the inevitable....And I only now coming to terms with it.

MEH BAYBEE TURNED 9 last week.

I am shocked. I am stunned. I know time flies. I've seen it happen but if you don't have have no idea. It doesn't fly, it Super Mario World warps ahead. As in one minute your holding your sweet precious newborn and then you jump into a giant green tube (WAH WAH WAH) and come out 9 years later all stumped about how you got there. Craziness.

So, Jayden turned 9. Of course he was thrilled. He was all Birthday presents, boy sleepovers, CAKE!!! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!

and I was all Sad, last year in single digits...would give anything to hold baby Jayden again. tear.

I am so proud of the fine young man he has become. All his life, people have commented on how mature he seems. I can actually carry on a real conversation with him about ya know...stuff. Stuff that doesn't have anything to do with video games and bakugan or legos. Its amazing and devastating at the same time.

Because no matter how much I enjoy our discussions of what the different lines on the roads mean or why we have a Governor or what it means when a pregnant lady says her water breaks (all three real would give anything to have the little boy that would set up elaborate Thomas the Train scenarios for just an hour. I would give anything to have the baby that loved his Pass (Pacifier) so much for just a minute. I would give anything to smell his newborn head for just a second.

But I blinked...and those seconds, minutes, and hours are gone.

Happy Birthday Jayden Wyatt. I can't believe you're 9. You have the rest of your life to be a grown up. WOULD YOU PLEASE SLOW DOWN??

love Mom...because he's to old to call me mommy. :(

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