Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Love

Often, when we go to a store, my kids want to stop in the book/magazine aisle. Usually Jayden will pick up what ever book is popular at the moment or maybe a gamer mag. (although he knows he'll have a much better chance of getting a real book. I don't buy video game mags. He has to save his own money for that.) Claire just picks up whatever. She can't completely read yet and most non-book stores are not fully stocked up on "I CAN READ" books. The kids know they have no chance at getting candy or toys out of me...but usually? If I have the extra money, I am more than willing to buy a book. Yes. I am one of those moms.

Last night was no different. We went to the local grocery. Upon Entering the store, Jayden immediately asked to head to the book part of the store while I shopped.

SIDE NOTE: OK. Before you all jump on me because I let my son wander around the store alone....We live in SMALL TOWN USA. And yes...this Local store is a chain type store but it is still very small. As in I can stand in any part of it and raise my voice and my son can hear me. Same for him. Not to mention that there is only one exit and the ladies working the register know us. That's the benefits of being married to one of the local officers. Plus. He's 9 and weighs 85 lbs and is almost 5 foot tall. It'd be hard to drag him out without somebody noticing. NOT THAT IT COULDN'T HAPPEN and NOT that I am not extra vigilant. But he is very grown up and I was only getting milk and potatoes so I met up with him in less than 2 minutes.

Of course, when I got to Jayden, Claire wanted to take a minute to look at the books too. She glanced through the very small children's section then thumbed through the teeny-bopper magazines. (OMG did I just type teeny-bopper. I AM getting old). She finally settled on a magazine all about Justin Bieber. You know him..that 16 year old singer that has stolen hearts of girls all across the country. Not particularly talented, in my opinion. But he's cute and sings well enough and has some naturally? Girls love him. I don't know how Claire even really knows who he is. We don't listen to much mainstream radio, instead preferring ipods or Satellite Radio. Occasionally, we'll listen to the local Disney radio station or some country but I am pretty selective to what the kids are exposed to...they have the rest of their lives to listen to songs about sex or drugs....they don't have to be exposed so early. Jayden is just getting to the age that we are loosening up on his media exposure because he can't live in a box forever. However, there is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a young child going around singing totally inappropriate songs because they don't know any better. Or worse, because their parents don't care.

But Claire does know him. She knows EXACTLY who Justin Bieber is. So, I start to tease her a bit, calling him Justin B-EYE-Ber. It's BEEEEEBER, mom. BEEEEEEEBER. (as if I can't read) OH, I say. I didn't know. LOL! She rolls her eyes at me because at 6 she already thinks I am lame and have NO clue. I snicker because I remember thinking the exact same thing about New Kids on the Block when my parents didn't "get it". So, she flips through the magazine, looking at the pictures. And I asked Claire why she likes Justin Bieber. She can't tell me. She just does. "Do you think he's cute?" I ask in a mocking tone. "NO!!" she barks back....then she pauses to take in the full sized poster of him in the center of the magazine and sighs.....

"I just like to look at him."

And they call it puppy love......♫♪♪♫♫♪

Much Love.


Rajean B. said... be young and innocent again.

Thanks for sharing.

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gorillabuns said...

i think Bieber should be knocked out. at the very least he should be talented to garner such attention.