Friday, July 16, 2010


Howdy...Been a while. its been almost two months. But guys? Its SUMMMMMMMMEEERRRRRR! And I am so lazy busy! Lets see....updates, updates.....

At the end of May, my baby bro graduated high school. And I turned 32. EEEKKKK, I'm old. I realized that I am not nearly as loved or important as I thought I was. It hurt, but I'm picking up the pieces. Moving on. My husband lost a part time job but then he didn't and he was super disappointed. (Its the kind of job that you don't quit because once you do, you'll never have it back and its an easy extra $300-500 a month for just a couple days work. Plus its what the Huz calls Gravy work..meaning EASY! So when they said in May that June was the last month, he rejoiced! Then they were all like "JUST KIDDING!" and the Huz almost cried) (I don't know why I felt the need to parenthesize all that.) (I like parenthesis) (a lot) Also, I lost 4 daycare kids but I gained 3 that I am absolutely IN LOVE with........We planned a staycation for the end of June, thinking the Huz might actually have some free time.

June has been pretty uneventful. I volunteered to help out at Vacation Bible School at our Church. For some crazy mixed up whacked out reason, I agreed to assisting in the nursery...with the babies...LIKE I DO EVERY DAY! What the heck? I'm dumb, I guess. I don't know why I didn't say "Give the me the 4th graders!" OR "Give me any group that can wipe their own butts!!" We didn't go on that staycation because of the job that wasn't lost.....We endured an entire month of fireworks thanks to my redneck, mullet loving, el camino drivin' neighbors (ok..So I don't really know if they have mullets or an el camino...but still. Lets just say if they were all business in the front/party in the back while wearing trucker caps, cut off sleeves and were rocking out to White Snake while drinking some PBR, I wouldn't be surprised.) NIGHTLY. And I don't mean "HEY, its dark, lets set off some cool looking fireworks for a few minutes"...NO its more like..."HEY, its 8 p.m! Lets set off bottle rockets and mortars that only make a lot of noise every 5 minutes or so until 10:30!! WHOOOP! HEY YA'LL WATCH 'ISSS"

ugh....Fireworks make me jittery. Also...they don't really impress me. I think next year, I'm going to leave nightly flaming bags of poo on their porch....Billy Madison style.

July? So far, been pretty good. Our little garden is growing like crazy and we'll soon be up to our ears in tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The weekend, we'll be planting pumpkins so that they'll be ready for Halloween. We attended a fabulous 4th of July/b-day party at the home of my high school VBF. We stayed out until 2 in the morning and ya'll? I am just too old to be staying out that late! It takes me days to recover! lol! The Huz is almost down to his HS school weight after starting his 2nd round of P90X. Which...I am so proud of him. (Yeah...proud is the word...) Still, when he struts around in his size 32 pants and pulls them out to show me that they are just a little big..I have to resist the urge to punch him in the face. Just sayin'. But he does look good. I'll give him that. I just hate that he loses 10 pounds to every 2 I lose. Jerk.

WE GOT PUPPIES. An old friend/classmate unexpectedly had puppies. We decided we wanted one...then later two! (BIG shout out to Drew and Danielle. We are so grateful and BTW? You have a lovely home and it was so CLEAN! :) We picked them up a week ago today and let me tell ya. We are IN LOVE. My whole family is are our neighbors. It was almost like bringing home a new baby. I was totally expecting a pink and blue yard sign. We named them Pitch and Lucy. They are doing great and go for their first Vet visit next week...just a check up and a second round of puppy shots. They are mischievous....getting in all sorts of trouble. Oh...and we have also had our first casualty.....

Lucy tried to murder Woody. I guess she grew tired of his "There's a snake in my boot" routine....she wasn't buying it, so she ripped off his belt buckle. TAKE THAT, Woody. It looks like Woody is being a good sport about it, though....Don't you think?

Much Love

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