Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Day 12 and Hump day. Bonus!

Yesterday was day 12. DAY 12...may I repeat that? I have been doing this Skinny Bitch diet for almost two weeks and I am down....

Are you ready for this people.....5.2 lbs. Pretty good, huh? AND I haven't been working out to burn MORE calories. Tonight..I will make my reappearance at the gym. Most of this is probably because of being ill....but I am just going to attribute it to my mad will power skills.

I have to admit, when I feel good...I really feel good. I feel better than I have in a long time. I cut wheat out my diet on Sunday and I have been slowly introducing some protien back into it. Like fish, some chicken and dairy. I still have not really gone full blown cheese yet. I for some reason, I haven't even ate cottage cheese...which used to be part of my standard breakfast of champions. And last night I bought some low-fat ORGANIC milk and yogurt. I am also going to have a go at this: This was suggested by Matt and Mandy. Also, I highly doubt I ever go back to eating much meat, especially red meat. Neither of my kids eat meat very well and Greg prefers fish. I guess there is going to be a lot more fresh fish prepared in this house. So...maybe I have found a happy medium here between the Skinny Bitch people and a possible wheat gluten sensitivity. (I say that instead of allergy because I am pretty sure if I had that, I would have noticed some serious issues WELL before my 30th b-day....and also because I don't have a definitive diagnosis)

Another great report: MY love affair with the business end of the toilet officially ended Monday night. Sa-WEEEEEET! I am happy to report that yesterday I did not experience...nausea, stomach cramps....or any pressing needs to run toward the bathroom.

A few things I have noticed these past two days...

I am not so tired in the afternoons that I can't function.

I am not..NOT craving diet pepsi anymore. Now granted, I have had some here and there. I drank one on Saturday at Heritage day. I had a diet coke yesterday courtesy of my Brother who went to McDonalds for breakfast....but I sipped on it all day before I finally threw the last half away. But I do not immediately think of Diet Pepsi as soon as I open my I take my meds with a full glass of water .

My thyroid...which is in a usual state of swollen-ness.....doesn't seem to be as swollen. Now..I really have no explanation for this. Seriously..I really think it is probably due to my reduction in meat that is pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormones and aspertame...or it's just that my thyroid has decided to work again. I don't know.

So I will soldier on. Trying to walk that fine line between Skinny Bitch and a wheatless diet.....and try not to starve myself in the process. Oh...and I started taking vitamins again this morning....I figure its probably a good idea since I have a pretty substantial history of low iron. (It was so low after I had Jayden that I was within hours of a blood transfusion...however, my body was able to bring my iron level up to one point above transfusion level and I went home with one very large newborn and a years prescription of iron building drug often given to chemo patients) Dude seriously...I am pretty sure that both my parasite little kids tried to kill me while in utero.

Much LOVE!

btw...HATE itunes version 8 point whatever. Every time I turn on my computer Itunes is wanting to download, update or generally just be a pain in my butt. I just want to listen to MY music! As in I paid for it, or I put it in Itunes..and when I turn it on, I don't want to wait for your stupid downloads. Stop it already! buh-bye!

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