Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Days 8-11

I was GOING to post everyday, but this weekend and yesterday got away from me. Plus, there isn't much to post when you haven't eat anything.

Seriously....I went from noon on Friday to Sunday evening only eating some french fries on Saturday at Heritage day. I was ssssssiiiiiiiicccccckkkk.....again. Sick again. AGAIN! Holy crap. I am so tired of being sick already. AND school has only been in a little over a month. It SUCKS! Good news....LOST 5 lbs over the weekend. Bad news....gained 3 of them back after drinking water. Guess I was a little dehydrated because I drank 8 large glasses of water yesterday and it DID NOT make me run to the bathroom every five minutes.

So here is my issue......I thought I had already had this sickness that the kids had. The upset stomach and bathroom problems. I am pretty sure I had that the week before. SO..Imagine my disgust when my stomach started rolling on Friday afternoon. I was not a happy girl. I didn't have time for that. I had so much to do the next day and thank God for Matt and Jake...who both didn't feel all that great either...because without them, I wouldn't have gotten any of it finished.

Here is another thing I found out....I talked to my aunt from the Morgan side on Saturday. She informed me that the Morgans have quite the history of food allergies, mostly to wheat. FRIGGIN WHEAT. So...she told me to watch that. Being the half neurotic person that I am, I went home and started to look up everything I could find on wheat allergies. There is glueten intolerance or Celiac disease..which I am fairly certain I don't have. This is usually discovered as an infant. And there is glueten sensitivity.....This I could have.

Tiredness...check, stomach issues...check check, skin rashes...check, sleep disruption..CHECK! weight issues...double check. pooping issues..ha ha seriously not going to tell you about any pooping issues I may or may not have! you relieved? I know I am.

So...I did a quick ingredient check of all the things I have been eating on this diet...the soy products, the naked fruit drinks, the bread and pasta....all of it contains wheat or wheat products. Pretty much everything I have been eating minus the fresh fruits and veggies.
This leads me to wonder...am I sick because of the dramatic increase of wheat in my diet and the dramatic decrease of protien or do I just have one very long, nasty stomach virus? I don't know. I do know tho, I have never been a huge bread or pasta eater. It just makes me feel so full and uncomfortable, I am more of a salad/veggie girl...probably because I like to eat a little bit of food all day instead of three large meals.

Now I have a decision to make. Do I continue on this "Skinny Bitch" quest? I mean, It is working. I don't really miss the meat. But I have to wonder if I am losing weight because I have been so sick for the last 10 days and not eating as much. Because this is the pattern.....I wake up, feel fine, eat then procede to feel like crap by mid afternoon. (t's really throwing a wrench in my sex life. lol!) Then...I barely eat the next day because I feel sick. By the next morning, the whole process starts all over. However, It can't be healthy to not be eating, plus, I don't even feel like going to the gym and I am missing my workouts.

Yesterday....felt better. Much better. All I ate was half a pack of starbursts and two apples. Not even a joke,either. So, I don't know what to do.

If I keep up with this "Skinny Bitch" diet..I will not be eating anything. Because I am going to try to eliminate the wheat...because of all that health issues I have that can't be explained by anything else. AND if I continue on this meatless diet....I will only be eating fruits, veggies and rice. Everything has wheat in it...even soy sauce. I am pretty sure that I will lose weight, but I don't want to lose my mind in the process. And it's not really about the weight anyway, it's about being healthy. Being sick for 10 days straight can not be healthy, any way you look at it. I am so confused.

Plus, I don't want to go to the doctor for testing until I have done my own testing....but I will say this...The best time in my life, the time when I was satisfied in with my body...was right after I got married. A friend and I had a go at the Atkins diet....and I dramatically reduced my bread/pasta intake. Now..since I don't really care for meat, I ended up eating a lot of chicken/salmon salads and veggies plates. I loved my body then, and I was happy with myself. ( and pretty hot, I must admit! haha) Maybe this is the route I need to go. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I started eating more pasta and bread...mostly because it was the only thing that stayed down. AND after I had Jayden...that's when all the problems started...

Just some things for me to think about I guess....
what do you think?

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