Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day Five...adventures in pukeville!

Yesterday was pretty non-eventful in the morning. We ate breakfast, which I had a boca burger and some Naked Fruit drink. Have you heard about Naked Fruit? LOVE IT! It is so good and has full servings of fruit in it. It's all natural, too. A Skinny Bitch plus! It's also great for people like me...I have texture issues and I generally dislike fruit for it's texture. Beyond Bananas and Apples, most fruit is not for me. So..Naked Fruit is a great way to enjoy fruits taste without all it's squishyness. ( I will will call you squishy and you will be my squishy.....what's an entry without a Finding Nemo reference!)

Mid-day, however, was another story. As you know, Claire was sick the night before and she still wasn't one hundred percent yesterday. I decided to let her stay home from school. WE had a nice quiet morning, we played, we colored and we watched Mickey Mouse Club House. OH...and I had some guy come out and fix my OVEN! Whoo-hoo! It's TIME for some Apple crisp, people...that's all I'm saying. is the scene from lunch:

Claire...sitting next to Carter. She is having some pears because her tummy still hurts and she doesn't feel like anything else. Carter is next to Carinne and he is getting busy on some chicken nuggets. Carinne is next to Addi and she is scarfing her Mac's her favorite.
Then we get to Addi. She is eating when all the sudden she coughs a little. I say "Addi are you ok? and she says..Uh-uh" Then she procedes to projectile puke EVERYWHERE. I mean it goes half way across the table, all down the front of her, ALL OVER MY BRAND NEW CHAIR!!!
Addi starts crying. Claire starts screaming "OH MOMMY THIS IS NOT GOOD" and begins to dry heave. Carter starts heaving and gagging. I thought it was going to be that scene from Stand by Me all over again...where they all puke up the blueberry pie. Carinne, btw, continues on eating like nothing ever happened. Claire jumps up and runs to the bathroom. Carter pushes his food away and says "Miss Trista..I done" and Addi cries for her mommy. IT was a rough half hour or so...cause that's how long it took me to clean it up. My stomach is churning...just thinking about it.

After that ordeal, we all took two hour naps. We deserved it! ha ha!

Last night, I made lentil veggie soup. It took forever though and it wasn't done until 9 or so. This eating right is time consuming. Anyway, I went to bed before I ate any. Good thing I had that multi-grain french loaf and seasoned olive oil to sustain me. After eating a bunch of that, I wasn't hungry anyway. I'll let you know how the soup turns out tomorrow.

Bad choices for the day:

I ate a few pieces of chocolate candy. All I can say is HERSHEY'S BLISS! If you haven't tried it, do. It's may not be that good, but its pretty darn close. AND I have any Skinny Bitch that can deny chocolate during pms is UnAmerican. Seriously. They might as well be burning flags as far as I am concerned.

Also, I had 3..count em...yes I said 3 Diet Pepsis...but now they are all gone. You'll be happy to know that, even though I went to Marsh last night, I didn't buy anymore. : ( meat or dairy...All thought I think my body is missing the Dairy. I actually thought really hard about drinking a bottle of Yoo-hoo my Mother-in-law gave to the kids. I don't even like the stuff either.

Also..Brother number One read the book and made an excellent point:

He feels like the writers are more concerned about Animals Rights and their political agenda then with actually helping people get healthy. I am starting to believe He is I am still the same weight. Granted, I am not gaining but I am not losing. AND I wasn't gaining eating all the other crap I was eating.

The only difference is that I do feel a little better through out the day and I am CRAVING and I do mean craving water. That's weird because I am not a water drinker by nature. I prefer tea or lemonade. I will soldier on with this diet experiment and see what happens..for the sake of all Humanity.

Much Love!

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