Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day six..another day, another salad

Day six started out ok. Infact the whole day was ok. It was boring. The kids were pretty good, there are no funny tales. I was just busy.

As far as eating is concerned.....I am coming to terms with not eating meat. I can pretty much do without that. However....I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO miss Dairy products. Not milk. I still pretty much think milk tastes like ass. I have never been a milk drinker. BUT I love my cottage cheese and yogurt and pretty much all things cheesy. I also love eggs.....hardboiled, especially. (ok eggs aren't dairy. Hello? Farm girl. I know where eggs come from.)

So with that said, here is what I know: Milking a cow does not hurt the cow. I have been to MANY dairies...I was in 4-H and showed dairy cows for YEARS! They like to be milked and as a former breastfeeding mother, I can say..I know how they feel. Also, there is no harm to animals by making cheese. The human race has been eating cheese products for HUNDREDS OF YEARS...therefor, I disagree with book when it says that the dairy industry created this need for Milk..all for the money! It's not some comspiracy created by the American Dairy Farmer. I know alot of Dairy Farmers...they are pretty good people. Just trying to make living, doing what they love. Yes...they have in past and still do use things like hormones to increase milk production. And some things they do are REQUIRED by the government, even if they don't want to do it. THAT is what I have a problem with.

Also..when the book discusses that fact that african tribes don't drink milk and don't suffer osteoporosis, I again have to say BS! The book fails to take into account that those african tribes have vertually HALF the life span as we do here. HELLO...when are we most likely to develop osteoporosis? When we are well into our golden years....and LONG after the death of Shaka Zulu and his tribe mates.

I have never been one to let someone influence me and I pride myself on being able to make up my own mind. Not to mention, that most Animal Rights people generally just PISS ME OFF. Because nine times out ten, they bitch and complain about things that they know nothing about. They get their information off the internet and they don't take the time to rsearch for themselves. I can not and will not respect someone's opinion when they base it off interent research and not first hand knowledge. Any retard can purchase a web page and write whatever they want.

I'll never forget being approached by some half-witted animal hugging retard at the State Fair when I was showing sheep (Yes..I showed sheep too! and goats, chickens, hogs, and horses! What now, Animal Rights be-otches?). I was about 15 and this chick was yelling and screaming at me for hurting my sheep. I had my lamb up on a trim's a table that the sheep stand on and it has a v-shaped brace to hold it's head. This frees up the shearer's (aka..ME) hands, so that they can keep the skin tight and not CUT THE EFFING HIDE right off the animal while they are still alive. Shears are sharp and anyone that has been cut at the barber shop can attest to that.

ANYWAY...I looked at this animal rights woman and don't know me and you have no clue about what I am doing. Perhaps if this animal whore had enough good sense to actually talk to me instead of screaming....(and getting escorted out by security) she would have learned that...

a. NOT shearing a sheep is cruel, it's like wearing a wool sweater in the summer

b. Sheep are stupid. If you control their head, they think they are caught...hence why when you put them on the stand, they usually just stand there and accept it.

c. I LOVE animals....and I never eat lamb. Plus, my sheep were my babies. They were tame as dogs. They followed me anywhere. I loved them. AND if I had to sell one, I cried...I mean I blubbered like a baby. There were SEVERAL pictures of me as a teenager...on the front page of the local paper..crying at the 4-H Auction because I had to sell my lamb.

d. She was stupid smelly doo-doo head that probably didn't know that the gum she was chomping on was made out of the lining of a pigs stomach. HA!

So, I guess the point of this story is....I am going to back to the tit, so to speak. Only, I am going to try to get organic cheese and free range eggs....all with out growth hormones and antibiotics. There is only so much fruit, veggies and tofu crap that I can eat and still feel satisfied. I need it tastes really good.

On the lighter side...I am down another half pound or so. So the Skinny Bitch diet is working...ever so slowly. Granted, I haven't exercised because of all the sickness. I would have probably lost more if I had been able to Zumba it up last week.

Much love!

PS. My lentil soup was actually very good!

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