Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day Four.

I am VERY tired this morning! Almost too tired to be witty and funny...almost! HA! Suckers!
Yesterday was pretty good as far as eating is concerned. I had a lot of veggies, brown rice, 2 boca burgers and 2 diet pepsis (however, I am almost out of Diet Pepsi and I am going to try to not buy anymore). I also had a few snack like things but nothing too bad....although every time I walked by the pantry this happened:

pssssssssst! hey you

me: who?

yeah, you!

me: what? who is that?

It me...a twinkie...EAT ME!

me: What! Don't tempt me!

you know you want to....EAT ME EAT ME EAT ME!

me: Ok.....no wait, I can't. You are bad! You make my butt big.

But I am only one twinkie...I will not hurt that much, you can work extra hard at the gym...EAT ME!

me: (SLAMS DOOR) NOOOOooooooOOOO (Runs away in horror)

Seriously, it went down just like that! Why is it that the good food, the really good for you food hides in our pantries and 'fridges. It's hangs out near the back, blending in with the walls, whistling and acting all casual.

"What me? nahhhhh! you don't want to eat me. Oh sure, I don't clog your pipes or anything but I taste like doo-doo. Just ignore me, that's the way I like it."

Where as, the bad food is practically throwing it's delicious self right out the door everytime you open it. It bounces up and down like a crazy Jack Russell Terrior who loves to play ball. (have you seen those dogs? They can be very serious about their ball time...hee hee...that sounds funny)

"EAT ME! I am SOOOOO GOOOD. You will love me. Who cares if I am bad. You have no self control anyway. HI!"

Sooo..on goes my eternal struggle to only eat what is good for me. The rest day was ok, I guess. Most of my daycare kids were pretty good. EXCEPT. FOR. MAX. Max is this 15 month old baby that I am watching. I have been watching him since he was 4 months old. I looooovvvvvee Max. He is so cute and so loveable..but here lately he has turned into a screaming, biting, drooling, food throwing NIGHTMARE. Oh my God. I know my own children went threw phases like this but I don't remember it being so bad. I had to separate him because he kept trying to bite everybody. His parents are calling him Jaws now and really, he shows no signs of stopping. SO, yesterday, after about the 15th time of him biting or trying to bite, I put vinegar in his mouth and put him in baby jail. NO BITE MAX!!!! He screamed, cried, spit, threw himself back and bumped his head. I tried to comfort him for the bumped head but he wanted no part of that. He rolled around on the floor, kicked, and screamed some more. After about 5 minutes of this drama, I had HAD ENOUGH and I took him upstairs to his bed so that he could finish his tantrum out up there. (for all of you thinking of letting me watch your kids...know this, I have no problem letting your kids cry if they need it. Sometimes kids just need to cry...it won't hurt them, trust me) Apparently, that is what Max wanted all along because he immediately stopped crying and layed down on the pillow, closed his eyes and went to sleep. Wow...all that just because he was tired? Why couldn't he just rub his eyes and yawn like a most kids do? Max is dramatic and he will probably be a Super Star!

Oh and quite possibly an exhibitionist. He rewarded me for not getting him as soon as he woke up (I heard him talking but I left him in there for a few minutes while I finished up some things. Hey..he was playing! not crying!) BY taking off all his clothes...including his diaper and peeing all over his bed. Of coarse, I did laugh because it was quite funny.

My plans for the evening were simple, go to the Gym then go to the grocery. Claire had other plans. Jayden went out to dinner with his grandparents and Greg went to see some cop movie with my brother. Right about the time we are to leave Claire says..."my Tummy Hurts". OH boy...here we go. She fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. And I waited...because I knew what was coming. Next was three hours of crying, snotting, fever, running to the bathroom and lots of dry heaves. Claire does not do sick very well. Thankfully, she doesn't get sick often. BUT guess who got nominated to sleep downstairs with her last night? ME! That's who. Since Claire and her 27 stuffed animals that she neeeeeeeded to make her feel better had already taken up residency on the couch, I had to sleep in the big chair...which is not as comfortable to sleep in as it looks, MATT!

And that is why I didn't sleep last night and why I am tired today.
Much Love!

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