Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday was hard. I felt like I was going to puke most of the day and inbetween bouts of nausea, I would have bouts of Famine. IT SUCKED!!!!!

I started off the day eating a boca burger on whole wheat bread with sliced tomato. I have to admit that it was pretty good. I like the morning star veggie burgers better but you can buy Boca in BULK at Sam's Boca it is.

I thought that I would get out of having to go to my husband's family reunion because of not feeling well yesterday and Jayden getting up in the middle of the night. NOOOOOooooooOOOOOO. I had to go. I hate family reunions, even my own. I just feel like I see the people I want to see. It's crazy...why should I have to spend a very valuable Sunday afternoon rubbing elbows with some 3rd cousin, twice removed when we both know the only reason we came is for the pot luck dinner and the great desserts. Plus..going to Greg's is even worse than my own. I spent the whole time in the back corner coloring in a coloring book with Claire. BY MYSELF...while Greg wandered around visiting with people. As usual, I take my invisible place as kid watcher. Everyone sits and enjoys each others company while I follow my kids around and make sure that they don't get into trouble. I am pretty sure nobody would notice if I wasn't there. It wasn't all bad though. It only lasted a few hours, was really close to our house for once and it wasn't long until we were packing up and walking out the door....all yelling "see you next year" OH Joy! (btw..Erin if you read this...I love to visit with your family. Your mom is one of my favorite people in the's the rest that I really don't care about)

Speaking of the food...listen up pot luck dinner people: WHY MUST YOU PUT BACON IN EVERYTHING? WHY? Did you not think of the vegetarians? lol!

Here is a list of food that I ate at the reunion..all of which had chunks of bacon in it.

Broccoli salad

Raw Spinach salad

Green beans.

I also had some sort of spaghetti salad...with veggies in it. It was ok.

We came home, then went to Home Depot. It was crazy windy outside. And it looked like it should be cold, but it wasn't. Very strange weather. Thanks Ike!

After Home Depot, We went to STAR BUCKS! (Ahhhhhhhhhhh...lights fall from the heavens, angels sing in heavenly voices) I heart Five I mean Star Bucks. SO...I got a pumpkin spice whipped cream :( I kind of sucks without the whipped cream but I was already having the EVIL sugar in my latte, so I axed the cream. IT was still pretty good then it was........

BACK TO PUKESVILLE....Yep, you got it. In the middle of making dinner last night, Blllllaaaahhhhh. Sick again. I swear, this bug is holding on for-ev-AH.

On the upside....I am down a lb and a taking into account the pound I GAINED the first day; my grand total on the Skinny Bitch 30 day challenge is 1/2 lb. Whoo hoo...some progress is being made.

This week goals: Continue to try to eat as planned. Get back on my work out schedule since I didn't work out at all last week due to being sick. I am hoping that by working out, I will speed up this whole process.

Any of you have any suggestions for Vegan food that tasted better than CARD BOARD? Let me know!

Much Love!

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