Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day two...My body rejects this....

Yesterday, started off well enough. I had plain popcorn for breakfast and a piece of whole wheat bread. Whoo-hoo ..THAT WAS TASTEY! But I needed to go the grocery and there isn't much in the house that is suitable for this diet. Oh, and let's not forget my daily, Diet pepsi (or two) I thought that giving up cheese and dairy would be the greatest challenge but it seems that my diet pepsi habit is way harder!

And then I had to take Jayden to a birthday party...which by the way, I have discovered that I am a young mom. (warning...side note here!) So, I take Jayden to this birthday party of a friend from school. I have never met these parents but when I get there, they are OLD....ok, not old like AARP and dentures old, but I would guess they are the same age as my parents....whose baby is almost 18. AND all the other parents seem a lot older too. Maybe I just look older than I realize because sometimes when I see someone that looks really old and then I find out their actual age, I am shocked..because it's not that far off from me. I hope that by trying this eating right thing, I can keep my body and face young looking forever! haha! That and a lifetime use of Mary Kay...have you ever seen pictures of that woman before she died? She didn't age at all..(shameless plug here) BTW-if you are interested in May Kay make up, let me know. I know a great rep!


So, after I dropped off Jayden, Claire and I went to the apple orchard. I got a bag of apples (fresh from the pesticides. good right?), a carmel apple with nuts for Claire and a pumpkin roll that is SOOO DELICIOUS that it should be a crime to eat it. It's all natural and has no preservatives....but what it does have is -duh, duh, duuuuuhhhhh-cream cheese and sugar. Two no no's according to Skinny Bitch standards. Also...for those of you wondering why I would poison my kid with the sugar from the carmel apple...She's four and she is a natural great eater. My friend Eve has a theory on why she is like this....(Eve thinks Claire may be a sensitive child and therefore has a natural taste for healthy foods, I think Eve rocks! Her insight has helped me tremendously in raising this kid) I am often asked what kind of child am I raising because of her unique personality. However, here is an example of a dinner at my house (Ask Cousin Mack..aka Matt, he was here for this)

I am cooking dinner....Claire comes into the kitchen to declare she is hungry and procedes to ask for celery. CELERY for goodness sake. So, I get out the celery and give it to her. Fast forward to dinner, Claire eats nothing but applesauce and broccoli; which she wanted seconds and THIRDS of. After dinner, she ASKS TO TAKE A BATH...which I happily oblige because she is finally old enough to sit in a tub without me being right there. THEN..she comes down after getting in her pj's and announces that she is going to bed. TRUE STORY.

Anyway...boy am I getting side-tracked here. Where was I? Oh yeah..the sugar and Claire...So anyway, she is the healthiest eater in the house so I refuse to deny her simple treats like a fresh out of the orchard apple with carmel and nuts. Skinny Bitch be damned.

So..I took Claire to Grandma's and decided to treat myself to a little Panera Bread for lunch. I ordered the tomato and mozzarella sandwhich without the cheese and unsweetened ice tea. I picked up Jayden and we went to cousin Megan's place to visit, hang out and enjoy her new dog....ALSO where I proceded to eat two thin slices of pumpkin roll....DARN. Blew it! But...I can only get this from the Orchard once a year AND I left the rest at Megan's so I wouldn't be tempted to eat more of it. It is TO DIE FOR! Seriously.

Then, Megan and I went to look at a house and Sam's club...during which my stomach decided to rebel against me. I don't know if it's the diet or if I have a touch of what Jayden had on Thursday..but I spent the rest of the afternoon pretty nauseated. (either that or I am which case I will shoot myself..haha. I am NOT pregnant, incase you are wondering)

I came home and didn't go out to dinner with Megan and Eric..which made me sad because I Love Megan and Eric...but my stomach hurt too bad. I went to bed at 8:15.

12:30 a.m...Jayden wakes me up to tell me he puked...again. And I realize that I am the world's worst mom. MOTHER OF YEAR HERE. Jayden hasn't eaten much since the stomach bug Thursday night and I haven't been insisting on it. I figure he'll eat when he's hungry. I am not one of those moms that sits her kids down 3 times a day and makes them eat ....I let their bodies tell me when they are hungry. So, after I did a run down of Jayden's diet yesterday, I felt horrible. He had:

1 pop-tart

2 bites of a Turkey sandwhich (all natural of coarse)

1 rather large piece of chocolate cake

2 small candy bars

1 thin slice of pumpkin roll

1 chocolate milk shake.

That's wonder he woke up sick in the middle of the night. He had nothing but the EVIL SUGAR yesterday. And he had evil milk and evil meat too. Anyway, I felt so bad for him. I am so preoccupied with this eating thing that I am not taking the time to ensure my previously sick kid is getting enough real food to sustain him. BAD MOM. (Before any of you call child protective services, you should know that this morning I made him two slices of whole wheat toast and oatmeal for breakfast. He ate it fine and feels much better)

note to self: Eat like a Skinny Bitch but don't forget your kids!

The end!
Much Love!

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