Friday, September 19, 2008

Worried........Day 7

Day Seven.....

I can't even recall what I ate yesterday . I know it wasn't much tho. I just wasn't hungry. OR , I guess, I was hungry but I couldn't figure out what to eat. My cousin-in-law Mandy (best known to those that love her as MAND-O-LYNN) brought her very pregnant self over to hang with me. It was awesome. We talked, made fun of other people's parenting skills, and talked about how hungry we were. Oh...and we watched Toby Keith try to act in a movie called Broken Bridges...

I had to take Claire to gymnastics last night.....She is getting pretty good at it, too. So on the way, Claire decided that she is STARVING! SHE is practically throwing herself around the van because she is so hungry. This is after I tried to shove food down her throat before we left. And because I don't want to her to do an hours worth of gymnastics hungry and because I forgot the little bag of drinks and snacks I usually bring when we go there...I took her to taco bell. I had not eaten anything since breakfast anyway(aside from a small piece of brownie) so I got a rice and bean cheesy burrito and it was AWESOME! I can't even think of enough adjectives to describe it's awesomeness. I think it was the cheeeeeeeeesssssseeeee!

Something new has developed tho....I am shakey and filled with anxiety. For two nights in a row I have layed awake and freaked out about everything...and I do mean EVERYTHING....from thinking I am having a heart attack to freaking about the messy house. I think all the stress of keeping up this diet, the lack of protien because I can't eat tastes awful & don't even get me started on the texture..., and the stress of having my brothers here is starting to get to me. I might just need a vacation.....: )So...with that said, I am just listing a few questions that my mind pondered the last few nights....

What ever happened to the Cartoon "For Better, For Worse" in the Indy Star? I have been reading that comic since I was little and suddenly it's gone...not even a word.

Will my house ever be clean again? Because I am sort of neat freakish and to have crap sitting around all the time totally stresses me out. I like things in their place. Messy house=Stress to me.

Why do male dogs hike their leg to pee...seriously, is that necessary?

Is God listening to me right now because I am really over this flipping out session and I would prefer to get some sleep.and with that I took TWO tylenol pm's and fell asleep......only awake this morning, groggy, grouchy and disoriented. I am going to try to figure out this lack of protein thing....I don't know but I am thinking that a slice of cheese pizza sounds SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! and....tomorrow is Pleasant View Heritage Day. So Come if you want.

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