Monday, November 24, 2008

It's so hard to say goodbye....

Hi ya'll.I know! I KNOW! I have not been very good about blogging here lately. It's just that the things that I want to talk about...I can't. Not really anyway. They are personal..and stuff. Plus, the people that I want to blog about...well, there is a good chance they will read this......and I am not into to hurting my beloved friends and family on purpose just because I need to let off steam. Plus... my personal life has two sides. My Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of sorts. Dr. Jekyll life is fun loving, friendly, a real jokester. This life will tell you all about it. Mr Hyde life...well that is a whole other issue all together. Mr. Hyde life doesn't want people-even the closest of the close people-to be all up in it's business. That's the mode I am in right now...Mr. Hyde life. And when Mr. Hyde life decided to stay around for while, my thoughts are cloudy and I struggle to find something worth writing about.

However, I will say this...the funk is back. BACK. I can't snap out of it. It's crazy....Life is just a struggle sometimes and it's rough. Just when you think things are looking up...BAM! You are knocked down a level or two. It leaves me to wonder...does it ever get any easier?Apparently not...because Myspace crashes Explorer. It's stupid and I hate it. It has something to do with my McCafee Spam Filter, Dell, Windows Vista (Heeeeeyyyy MO-JAVE!) and Explorer. What "Grinds my Gears" (obscure family guy reference) is that I can't fix it. I did all the patches, updates and phones call and it still doesn't work. I am tired of talking to "Aaron"...who oddly enough has a thick Indian -quickee mart not casino-accent. I get the feeling he's lying to me about his I can't understand the tech support people and it I just get so angry.

It's me..I know. I have never been good at understanding people with thick accents. I am not racist about it either...Indian, Mexican, Canadian, Southern, Japanese...Ebonics..It all sounds like piglatin to me. I am all for diversity and stuff...but I just want someone who speaks like a Midwesterner to help me with my computer problems. Is that being unreasonable?

I guess my point to all this is....I am not going to be on Myspace much anymore. That's one habit I guess I will give up for sanity's sake. I am probably not going to be posting many blogs there either. I am frustrated with the constant interruptions when my explorer stops working.BUT NEVER can find me on Facebook.I am going to "try" to be a little better about posting....Plus these posts tend to be better than the Myspace posts because blogger has spell check..and myspace doesn't. lame.

So, I am sorry to be breaking up with myspace land..but it's in my own best interest. And from time to time, I will do updates there..just because old habits die hard.

Much LOVE!

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