Monday, November 17, 2008

Proud of Poop!

Days 1-3

Ok Internet people, I didn't post every day this weekend, because weekend was so jammed packed full of crap to do that I just didn't really find my way to the computer.

First off, before I get into the reason for my title...MY EATING!

Ok...I actually ate very well this weekend. Aside from a piece of baguette on Saturday from Panera Bread...I had soup and salad and they always throw in those pieces of bread...most things I ate were on the healthy side and have no wheat in them. SO..yay me.

Second, I didn't gain or lose any weight this weekend. SO another bonus. I am not going to weigh myself everyday because...well, that would drive even a skinny person crazy. I have decided that once a week...Saturday mornings would be good.

Friday night, we had friends over and my cousin Megan showed up with this:

This alone could end this post and it would totally be worth your time to view it, don't you think? It's a baby weenie dog....She is 4 weeks old. Megan basically rescued her from a bad breeder. OMG she is quite possibly the cutest thing I have EVER seen. They named her Sophie....and yes, that is Toto's basket she is in. Claire got that when she went through her Dorothy and Wizard of Oz phase.

I HAVE WEENIE ENVY.....Claire is SOO in love with this dog. I am thinking I want another puppy...we already have 1 weenie dog, named Red. (or Redward Silverstien Evans, III as Matt likes to call him) and a retarded pug named Popeye. BUT I WANT A BABY!!!!!!! I am lucky enough to get to dog sit this baby for a few weeks because she needs to be fed every 3 hours and Megan has a real job. She is snuggled in my jacket as I type now.

The rest of the weekend, I spent at the mall or grocery story. Oh..and I got a new Vera Bradley purse. I am not fond of the loud, paisley like prints that are Vera Bradley...but I found a black one that doesn't make me look like I stole my granny's curtains and made a purse out of them. (NOT to insult the people who do love Vera Bradley's wild patterns...they are FINE for you, just not for this Plain Jane) I also FELL IN LOVE with a beautiful bag at the new coach store at the greenwood park mall.'s gorgeous and OMG it's $500.00! YEP. I said $500.00 smack-a-roos.

Ordinarily, I am not the kind of person who would spend that kind of money on a purse..or anything for that matter..unless it was some sort of electronic. BUT...I am at a point in my life where I think I deserve it. Also, I outgrew cheap purses in high school. You know what I mean, the $9.98 specials at Target. Several years ago, I began to buy purses at Kohls or LS Ayers..department stores. At first, only when they were on sale and a good sale too. Like 50% off. I could easily spend $20-30 dollars on purse that originally cost $40-60 dollars.

NOW, in my old age. I just don't care. If I have the extra money to spend, I buy it when I see it. No waiting for sales. To me, purses are like shoes, perfume and and haircuts. If you go cheap or's obvious. Now, I am not knocking people who do. Some don't have the extra money or just won't spend it. And, truthfully, I don't have the extra money in my account for a $500.00 dollar purse. So, I did what every self respecting wife does.....I put my name on their wish list and then had them send an email to my husband.....He has the money in his account and there better be a purse under the tree at Christmas time!!! Because if he brings home another Gun or rifle that he thinks we need then I am going to divorce him. He collects them, I know...but COME ON!!! A girl just wants to carry a little luxury around now and then. Can I get a woot-woot, ladies?

ON to my title...SO today, as I was changing Carter's pants because he pooped in them (again..even though he is THREE and has been peeing in the potty for months now), I had an thought. Anyone who is around children or has them knows that, as a rule, girls are much easier to potty train than boys. Girls just get it faster. Jayden trained easier than Claire but Jayden was almost three when I started with him. Claire was just over two when we started training her so it took a few weeks longer because she was younger. ANYWAY...then it occurred to me.

Could this be why boys and MEN are so proud of their bodily functions? I mean, I don't know how many times I have heard a man exclaim "I just pee'd from my butt hole" or "get a load of the size of this" or "do you smell that...hehehehe" There is even an entire Southpark episode devoted to the size of someones poop. Well, that's not saying much....but. yeah.

I have spent the better part of a year trying to get this little boy to poop in the potty. We do potty dances, we look at the poop when he goes in his pants....we watch it fall in the toilet while empting out his underwear...We talk about poop stinking, and how the potty likes to eat poop. We read books, we get stickers and candy for trying. The most I get out of giggles and an "Ok Ms. Trista, I'll try harder next time." And the two bed wetters I have are both is almost 4 and the other is 5.

I think that we, as mothers/caregivers, are SOO tired of dealing with these little boys' bodily functions...that when it comes to potty training, we get sort of loopy. And since boys seem to take longer, any milestone in that department is cause for celebration. SO we sing, clap, jump up and down, throw a damn party for our little boys...because...GEEZ! They are old enough already and it's time TIME to just be done with it. So, make them feel like they are special and they will keep doing it...we hope, we hope..cross our fingers...

And with that, we are raising generation after generation of boys..who grow up to be men..that still need approval of their poop. That's just my theory..

ANYWAY...Days 1 through 3 are down. I am well into my fourth day...and I'll say, it's much easier this time. I already know what to expect and I know what I can makes the decisions much easier.

Peace out!

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