Friday, November 14, 2008

Starting over....again.

Hi, My name is Trista. And I am a recovering serial dieter.


I want a do-over. And I guess that's the beauty of life. Every day is a brand new start. YEAH!
Today is November 14 and I am officially declaring it national DO-OVER day. Today I get to start this 30 days to a whole new me thing again. It's back to the calorie counting, label reading, (gotta watch for that pesky gluten) back to forcing myself to put make up on and do my hair every day,

Back to LIFE

Back to Re-alit-y

Back to the here and now...yeah..

OK..soul II soul songs's back to taking control. Back to the gym..eeeek! AND back to BLOGGING nearly'll be so happy to know. I like the accountability of internet land. People are so supportive here and I don't have to go through the pain of seeing them face to face when I let myself down...which I am sure I will do from time to time.

So, I will be listing what I workout schedule and the little random things that I find funny in my life. As for is a conversation between me and oldest little brother this morning....

(oldest little brother is currently staying with me while he loses weight to join the navy..he is doing well..down about 25 lbs..the bastard...and is a night manager at the local McDonalds)

Me: Hey, what are doing up, didn't you work till 1?

him: yeah, i have to run to work to pick up something.

Me: What?

him: My glasses.

Me: Are you going to be ok to drive?

Him: uhhh...I drove home. I guess I will just have to know that those red octagons are stop signs and don't really say soap even though they look like they say soap without my glasses.

me: *laughing* good point.

Him: So. people at work keep asking me "how does it feel to be a manager"

Me: Really, do they think it's that glamorous?

Him: I'm like "I'm enthralled. That extra quarter an hour makes a lot of difference. Now I can feed my third kid. He's getting tired of watching the rest of us eat."

Me: hahahahahah...snort....hack..hahahahaha

Him: you should see the look on their faces.

Me: *falls off the chair, laughing so hard*

SO...oldest little brother doesn't talk much, he's freakishly smart and very introverted. BUT when he does say something...IT'S WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

Stay tuned...tomorrow starts my first post of what I am up too....and feel free to leave a comment now and then. It makes me feel loved.

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