Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mucus talk..you mignt NOT want to read this. Just kidding, read it! now.

Still. sick. STILL. AS in...FOUR friggin days of fever, nasal drippings, coughing.....hello. I am in head cold hell. Please send tissues...and maybe some heavy sedation.

Sorry, internet land. For those of you who happened here in search of my usually witty self. You will be gravely disappointed. I have not slept much in three nights. Why is it all day..I blow and blow and nothing comes out? I try the close one nostril and blow approach in hopes of exerting more force but that cement-like mucus will not be dislodged. It won't budge, not even an inch. Heck no, it won't go. But at night? Yes at night, It decides it can run from side to side depending on which side I am sleeping on. I have to listen to this...I can hear it creeping, popping, flowing from one sinus to the other. And if that isn't enough, the mucus then sends some of itself on a scouting mission...not enough to lessen the pressure in my head, but enough that I can feel the slime sneaking of the nostril on the side I am laying on....prompting me to frantically search for the Kleenex in the dark, sit up and blow my nose. I do this every 5 minutes or so. Does any of it come out? NO! It's like some super strong secret suspension liquid. The stuff is lethal, I tell you. The military only needs to spray the Iraqi desert with human rhino virus mucus and they will catch anything that dares to cross it. If that doesn't end the war in Iraq, I don't know what will.

And to top it all off, it's snowing out. ick. I guess winter is really upon us. I guess I just have to face facts and put away my flip-flops. So, because I still feel like death warmed over, I am going to post an oldie but goodie post from my other blog about snow! I hope you enjoy!


Smooth Snow

I was staring out the window this morning and I had an interesting thought ( Actually, I was watching my PUG popeye pee on my dead flowers but...anyway) My yard was a MESS. There were kids foot prints everywhere. The snow was a brown in spots where the kids kicked up a little mud. There were half melted snow forts and piles of unused snow balls. Snow angels were laid out like dead bodies all over the front. There was also a little dog poop...but hey...that's what dogs do!

I glanced over to my neighbors yards..they were poster card perfect. Pristine white glistening snow...none of it marred in any way. Smooth Snow! Oh how I long for those perfect yards. Even in the summer, my lawn is awful. Worn paths where the kids run. Ruts under the swings. A large round patch of dead grass where the swimming pool sets. Brown spots on the sides where I forget to water because the kids had the sprinklers in the back all day. Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors think about our yard. It is certainly less than desirable.

Then it hit me...it won't be long until my snow will be smooth. My kids will loose interest in being out in it. They will no longer build forts and throw snowballs. Snow angels will no longer exist. A small part of me is a little excited about the prospect of a beautiful yard....but I know that I will stand at my window and look at my neighbors' yards (by then they should all have kids) and laugh because I will be the one with smooth snow....and I will wish my yard was messy too!

Jayden, riding his bike in the snow last year.

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