Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Say it ain't so, Will Smith.....

I read a disturbing article on the MamaPop website that profoundly disturbed me. When you read the absurdity that I am about to write...you too will walk around in the state of shock that I was in. The shock that took me nearly a week to get over and even a few days longer to wrangle my thoughts into to something comprehensible...

I'm serious, Ya'll...I am wigging the heck out!!!!!

Are you ready??

Rumor has it that...*sob* Will Smith, whom I've had a crush on ever since he told a cabbie he'd smell him later in Bel Air...actually has the nerve. THE GALL!!!! To attempt a remake of...(you won't even believe it)

OVERBOARD!!!!! (see clip below)

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

Surely now you understand my shock. My horror. I mean OVERBOARD??? What could the Fresh Prince do that would actually make that movie better? I mean, its the whole Kurt and Goldie connection that makes that movie awesome. Its the banjo music, its the mullet, its the eyeliner, its the flannel that makes it an 80's masterpiece. I mean...its Gary Marshall at his finest!!!

And WHO is rumored to be the cast for Joanna (Goldie's Character). WHO??

Jennifer huge badonkadonk baby got back Lopez.


Aaaahhhh...the insult. I mean, really. Will couldn't come up with anyone better than Jenny from the Block? A former In Living Color dancer turned mediocre actor/singer?? Goldie should be insulted. AND it makes me just wonder just WHO does Will Smith think could pull off Dean. I mean...Kurt was perfect for the white trashy Dean Proffit, father of three hooligans boys. Something about the way he rocked those tight high waisted acid washed jeans, cut off flannel shirts and feathered mullet. Paired with work boots?? He was a trailer park girl's dream! I just can't even imagine an actor today with that kind of caliber. Ohh...those biceps!!

I'm just saying...HEY WILL...Leave the cherished movies from my past alone. Can't you come up any new ideas? What's next? A Goonies remake? Mystic Pizza, 2010 version? Labyrinth staring Adam Lambert?

Seriously Will. Stop. Just stop.

Much Love!

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