Monday, April 12, 2010

Quotes from last week...

In the tradition of the hilarious website Texts from last night, I bring you Quotes from Last week. Direct from the trenches of childcare and parenthood.

A: Ms. Trista, Madison Stinks. Would you please do something about that??
Me: Love to, Addi. Love to.
A: Thanks.

Me: Did you lie to me?
A: Yes
Me: Why did you lie to me?
A: 'Acause if you believed me I wouldn't get into trouble.

Me: (while playing wii resort, sword fighting) HA HA! Die, ninjas. Die You!
J: Yeah, Die you BASTARDS!!
Me: Die you..HUH?!? What did you just say.
J: Die you bastards.
Me: You can't say that. Its a bad word.
J: Oh. Ok. I didn't know.

C: I hate the corner. The corner is SO BORING!!
Me: You should have thought about that before you hit your friend. you made a bad choice.
C: I didn't make a choice, my hand did.

Greg: I think it would be more fun to go on vacation without the kids.
Greg: Claire, I was kidding. (To me) SEE my point??
C: YOU SAID WE CAN'T GO!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! (stomps upstairs)
Me: Why do you even joke like that.

J: (before going to the park) I hate the park. The park is boring.
J: (getting ready to leave the park) I don't want to leave yet!!!

And there you have it.

Gonna try to post this every Monday, for your reading enjoyment!

Much Love


Rajean B. said...

Thanks for the laughs. I really enjoyed the "lying" one...can't blame the kid for trying.

Becky and Scott said...

Too funny! Can't wait to hear more!